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12 January 2021

What ruins porcelain tiles?

Prevention plays a fundamental role also in terms of cleaning. Therefore, let's find out immediately what ruins porcelain stoneware and creates indelible stains.

We always talk about how to clean porcelain tiles but today, “playing defense”,
we want to find out what ruins porcelain tiles and causes annoying stains and unwatchable halos to be created.
So, following the famous proverb, we decided we wanted to prevent rather than cure.
Knowing what really harms our porcelain tiles can help us to avoid, at least in part,
untraceable damage and enormous hassle.
On the other hand, we know that trouble is always around the corner,
but fortunately, thanks to Marbec products there is always a solution to stains and various damages.

Characteristics of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles is a very popular material in construction and,
thanks to its versatile characteristics, it is used for both floors and walls.
Porcelain is a compound obtained from the combination of feldspar clays, quartz and kaolin which make it resistant and waterproof.
In addition to the aesthetic impact, it is these two characteristics that make it adorable and loved.
The resistance and its low porosity, in fact, allow easy maintenance and cleaning, characteristics that should certainly not be underestimated.
However, it often happens that stains and halos, which at first may seem indelible, appear on porcelain tiles. Let’s go immediately to find out why and what ruins porcelain tiles.

what ruins porcelain tiles

What ruins porcelain tiles: the installation

One of the most frequent unexpected events for porcelain tiles is the appearance,
shortly after installation, of halos and stains or, even worse, of shoe prints that can be seen in backlight and do not go away even after washing the entire surface.
Why does this happen? What has ruined the porcelain tiles?
Usually in this case, if the spots appear immediately,
the problem could depend on the presence of residues from laying or polishing.
These residues, invisible to the eye, form a layer of dirt on the surface that react by forming spots and halos when they come into contact with liquid or acid substances.

To solve this problem, fortunately we can intervene with a specific treatment:
POWER DET, a concentrated cleaner with an acid-degreasing function, specific for post-installation and extraordinary cleaning of surfaces in polished and natural finish porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic, quarry tiles.

What ruins porcelain tiles
Stain remover for porcelain tiles.

The combination of the solvent and acid functions allows it to attack at the same time the dirt of organic nature
(fats, oils, polymers) and the one of inorganic nature (limestone, oxides).
This detergent is particularly suitable for cleaning hard ceramic surfaces from residues of grouts and polymeric binder mortars, including colored ones.

What ruins porcelain tiles: daily cleaning

Fortunately, post-laying stains do not affect all porcelain tiles floors,
at the same time, however, another recurring problem is that of the progressive and
continuous appearance of stains on floors that are no longer new.
In this case, the cause of all this could be the use of unsuitable detergents for cleaning porcelain tiles.
These products, especially the polishing ones, leave residues and waxy substances on the floor. Even here as above, these residues create an invisible layer, but favorable to dirt.

To prevent these problems it is therefore of fundamental importance to use suitable and
specific for porcelain tiles products such as GRES LINDO and GRES BRILL.

GRES LINDO for matt stoneware. A concentrated detergent for removing all ordinary dirt, even the most stubborn,
from low-absorption and non-absorbent materials where it is necessary to carry out an easy and quick domestic cleaning action.

 What ruins porcelain tiles
Concentrated detergent for porcelain tiles floors.

GRES BRILL for polished porcelain. A concentrated detergent for the frequent washing of porcelain tiles,
specific for cleaning glossy and semi-glossy porcelain tiles.

What ruins porcelain tiles
Concentrated anti-halo descaling detergent for porcelain tiles.

We have seen that fortunately thanks to the help of Marbec, it is always possible to run for cover,
but discovering what ruins porcelain tiles can certainly help us to pay attention during two fundamental phases to maintain and preserve the beauty of our porcelain tiles floors and coatings.

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