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20 August 2019

To whiten wood: an easy and fast method!

Do you have an old piece of furniture to restore? Discover quick and easy tips to whiten wood, the result will be a true masterpiece!

You’ve been watching for days that old piece of furniture inherited from your great-grandmother
and do you think the right time has come to get rid of it?
At home, in fact, it doesn’t look well with the other furniture, its retro style has bored you a bit and, if you think about it, does its vision disturb you more than furnish? Yes, if this is the effect it causes, maybe it’s time to change …
but be careful, we said change not eliminate!
Before throwing away any piece of furniture in fact, we advise you to consider the possibility of “giving it another life”,
or reuse it in a new way, giving it a different look, we explain ourselves better.
Thanks to the many restoration techniques, by simply changing the color, it is possible to transform and give a new face to objects, furniture and wooden components.
Today we want to introduce you to one of the most popular restylings of the moment: bleaching wood.

sbiancare-legno to whiten wood

Thanks to this easy technique it is possible to discolor the wood and renew worn-out furniture with little expense, giving finishes that recall different styles from shabby chic to rustic, from industrial to ethnic etc.
Windows, doors, furniture, frames, in short, any wooden surface can be restored, with a little effort and imagination, at the end of the work, we are sure that you will not believe your eyes.
The result will be a true work of art.

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How to whiten wood?

One of the most beautiful things about wooden furniture is precisely the possibility of “transforming” them whenever desired.
To whiten the wood of a piece of furniture will surely give a new style to any home décor.

So if you’re wondering where to start and how to whiten wood, you’re in the right place!
Today we want to illustrate simple and quick steps that will explain the right procedures, we don’t waste any more time and we start.

Whiten wood: basic steps

Phase 1

Before starting to lighten the color and tone of the wood, it is essential to clean the furniture in all its parts, then remove the dust with a cloth. To eliminate the most stubborn dirt and the deepest stains we use a concentrated product: SMACCHIO LEGNO an intensive detergent for extraordinary washing and renewal of the surfaces of wooden artefacts such as flooring, coverings, garden furniture, doors and windows, etc.

sbiancare-legno to whiten wood

A product that will also make the sanding phase, which will be used to remove the old paint, much simpler; to sand we recommend using a 150 grit abrasive paper.

Step 2

Once the cleaning and correspondence phase is over, we can do the actual bleaching phase using the special DECO 2 bleaching solution by Marbec, in addition to the product to prepare the mixture you will need:

  • a container with a lid;
  • a measuring cup;
  • some gloves.

sbiancare-legno to whiten wood

Once the solution is prepared, we can apply it with a brush on the wood, let’s not forget that this product is suitable for raw or natural wood.
Also during application, let us remember to wet the entire surface thoroughly, once finished let the product dry naturally.
After a few hours you will already see the first effects that will intensify over time.
To whiten the wood further we can proceed with a second coat, then let the product rest for another two days.

After 48 hours, the wood will be rough to the touch so at this point, to make it smooth, it will be necessary to smooth it with a fine abrasive sponge.

Step 3

Once the wood has been whitened, to protect and maintain the natural appearance of the material it is advisable to pass
BIOTOP, a low-filming anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher with a natural effect for oil-impregnated wooden surfaces placed inside: parquet, planks, furniture, tables, beams and wooden structures in general.

Easy and practical to apply, spread with a dry microfibre cloth.

sbiancare-legno to whiten wood

The result will be surprising, don’t you think so? Watch the video!

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