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25 June 2019

Professional products for home cleaning … but for holidays!

This year don’t despair for the cleaning of your holiday home, there is Unipul detergent, a single product to clean all surfaces!

You’re excited about summer holidays, but you can think only about the cleaning of your holiday home, closed since long time. Don’t despair, we have good news for you!
Today we want to introduce you to Unipul detergent, one of the most versatile professional products for home cleaning in the world!
Yes, you have understood correctly, only one product that, depending on its concentration, will allow you to clean and sanitize all the surfaces of your house: floors, tables and kitchen stoves.
The convenience of bringing a single product on the road with you, cannot be taken for granted at all. If we think about it, in fact, every time we “load” the car with suitcases and summer luggage, space is never enough and we find ourselves making impossible joints, reminiscent of the famous game of tetris.

Practicality and speed, when we talk about holiday home, they cannot be underestimated …
we know, time is more precious than usual in holidays!

But let’s start by order and find out how and what we can clean with Unipul detergent.

Unipul detergent: a single product to clean the whole house

Despite the cleaning done before returning to the city last summer, when you arrive to the vacation home and you open the door, which has been closed for a long time, is a bit traumatic for everyone!
Opening the door of the house, to welcome us, are almost always dirt and dust accumulated in the previous months; the feeling is not objectively beautiful, but in just a few moves and with the help of Unipul detergent, one of the many Marbec professional products for cleaning the house, we will soon be able to make all the rooms in our house shine.

Moreover, a poorly cleaned house could ruin our entire vacation.
To avoid unpleasant surprises at the beginning of the holidays, it is good to arm oneself with patience and with Unipul detergent, which will ensure a thorough cleaning.

Prodotti professionali per la pulizia di casa Professional products for home cleaning

The thousand uses of Unipul detergent!

Unipul is a universal sanitizing detergent ideal for extraordinary and ordinary cleaning of all hard surfaces: cotto, stone, concrete, wood, ceramic materials, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces.
It can be used pure or diluted and it is precisely based on its concentration in water that we can apply it to perfectly eliminate all types of dirt even the most stubborn. Let’s see in detail dosages and methods of use.

prodotti professionali pulizia casa Professional products for home cleaning

Unipul detergent: pure

Very dirty surfaces

Even if the previous year before leaving you left everything in order and clean, the floors of the house will certainly require a very deep cleaning. So, after clearing the dust, let’s get ready to wash the entire surface!
Using pure Unipul (up to 1 part of Unipul in 1 part of water) we can perform extraordinary washings, a very deep cleaning for example on old wax treatments blackened by the accumulation of dirt or to remove excesses of maintenance wax, without removing completely the background treatment. To carry out these treatments, just spread the product on the floor, leave for a few minutes and then rub the surface with medium-hard pads. Remove the residue and rinse with water. To complete the process optimally, we can subsequently apply an anti-dirt and anti-wear finish coat of Idrofin.

Unipul detergent: diluted


To stay clean and sanitized, hobs and appliances need daily care. When these structures remain unused for months, before being used again, they inevitably require concentrated and degreasing action.

Unipul detergent, 1 part of Unipul diluted in 3 – 5 parts of water, allows to degrease every type of dirty and greasy surface.

Bathroom and glass

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to sanitize, closed environments for a long time tend to cause liquids to stagnate which in turn cause bad smells.

Unipul diluted, 8-10 cc of Unipul in 1 liter of water, is ideal for eliminating germs, sanitizing surfaces and restoring sanitaries before use.

In this concentration it is also indicated for the daily cleaning of treated and untreated floor surfaces. For example: terracotta, stone, ceramic, clinker, wood, washable walls, plastic surfaces, lacquered and painted surfaces (tables, furniture, fixtures, car interiors, etc.), linoleum, glass.

Daily floor cleaning

After the first deep cleaning, we have to remove ordinary dirt from the hard and untreated surfaces. To do this, you have to pass with a soft cloth 30 – 40 cc of Unipul in 1 liter of water.

Once cleaned, the house will be ready to let you spend whole days of well-deserved relaxation!

Before leaving, however, do not forget to pack one of the professional household cleaning products that will save you time on the beach: Unipul detergent!

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