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4 July 2019

A solution to recover wooden floors: The best work of the month

The best work of the month takes us to the heart of Tuscany and makes us discover an interesting treatment on wood.

Florence, artists, poets and singers home, famous throughout the world for its masterpieces: architectural constructions, monuments, works of art and culinary tradition.
And it is precisely between cuisine and art that the best work of the month brings us, showing us how to recover and protect wooden floors.

pavimenti in legno wooden floors

Main features of wooden floors

The wooden floors undoubtedly have a timeless charm, an enveloping warmth that embraces you and pampers you from the first moment.
There are a lot of aesthetic characteristics, qualities of wood, many varieties and finishes.
Wooden floors have excellent resistance to wear and durability, this material ensures extremely high performance both in terms of mechanical stress and vibration, and is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
The part that mainly defines its strength, grain and quality is the walkable layer called “essence“.
Based on this layer, wooden floors change in appearance and “structural consistency”. The essence, in addition to characterizing the wood, is the most vulnerable part of the entire surface that is most subject to wear, that requires a lot of care and attention.

And it is precisely the “upper part” the protagonist of the intervention performed in a wonderful Florentine restaurant by the company FLOOR SHOP specialized in creating, enhancing and protecting all surfaces that can be walked on.
The artisans, entering the restaurant’s dining room, found themselves facing a very dirty and worn painted wooden floor. Unfortunately, painted wooden floors over time tend to lose the protective layer. The damaged film tends to free the wood fiber and this is the moment when the material becomes vulnerable to dirt.
Dirt penetrates the wood fibers and stains indelibly.

pavimenti in legno wooden floors wooden floors

Fortunately, thanks to the professional intervention of the Florentine company, which chose to use Marbec products, the entire surface of the room has returned to be perfectly clean, like new!

But let’s start with order and discover in detail the interesting phases of the wood treatment.

Recovery of wooden floors

Step 1 – Remove wood stains

As a first step, to eliminate the black stains in the wood fibers, the talented craftsmen worked the entire surface with a floor scrubber and SMACCHIO LEGNO: a concentrated detergent for removing the aging patina (graying) of the woods. Once treated, the entire surface was thoroughly rinsed.

pavimenti in legno wooden floors

Step 2 – Sand wood

Once the treatment to clean the wood was finished, the floor was lightly sanded in order to remove and permanently eliminate the old painting.

pavimenti in legno wooden floors

Step 3 – Wood protection

Once sanded and returned to its natural state the wood, two coats of an excellent wood protection were applied to the essence of the surface: HYDROIL INTERNO, an oily water-based impregnator for interior wood.
HYDROIL INTERNAL gives the wood resistance to water, stains and wear. This protective enhances the natural color of the wood, leaving a transparent, non-slip and matt finish on the surface. The second coat of the product was applied to dry flooring, about 2 hours later.

pavimenti in legno wooden floors

Finally, to protect the wood from wear and to facilitate future cleaning, BIOTOP OPACO was applied: an excellent finisher using to complete oil-impregnation treatments of internal wood surfaces. Essential to protect and preserve the surface and initial treatment over time.

pavimenti in legno wooden floors

pavimenti in legno wooden floors

Additional tips for treating wooden floors

Finally we want to suggest some precautions to follow to protect and maintain our wooden floors in excellent health.

To best take care of the wood, let’s remember:

  • Always keep the wooden surface clean: remove the dust with an antistatic cloth every day. Dust, if not removed, risks making our wood opaque.
  • Suitable products: to clean wooden floors do not use “haphazard” products. Wood needs adequate products, specifically designed for its fibers. For today’s cleaning we recommend a very delicate product: PULIBRILL, a concentrated detergent for wooden floors that perfectly cleans and sanitizes the entire surface.
  • Protective treatment: every 3 months it is advisable to give our wood an extra cuddle! It is therefore necessary to apply a protective and nourishing product on the surface such as BIOTOP OPACO.

i pavimenti in legno wooden floors


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