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18 June 2019

Porcelain tiles floors: how to clean and protect them

Do your porcelain tiles floor always look dirty? Try GRES BRILL and it will shine perfectly.

There are many kinds of porcelain tiles floors: shiny, opaque, wood effect, stone effect, marble effect and they’re one more beautiful than the other, each with its own characteristics and needs.
Cleaning, protection and maintenance are certainly 3 of the main ones.
That is why today we want to present you 3 effective solutions to fight unpleasant and unforeseen events and keep in splendid form, for a long and long time, porcelain tiles floors.

Porcelain tiles floors: features and finishes

Porcelain tiles floors are certainly the most popular coverings used in the last decade.
Practical and versatile, porcelain tiles give our homes wonderful aesthetic effects that are so wanted.
Effects that perfectly remind us of wood, marble and cement, giving us more advantages than “authentic” materials.
One of the main advantages that this splendid material gives us is surely resistance.
In fact, porcelain tiles are a compact and hard ceramic; it consists of a mixture of very fine powders which is mixed and baked in the oven at a temperature of around 1200 degrees. The result of this long process is nothing more than a material that is very resistant to abrasion, waterproof and has a very long life.
Combining these peculiar characteristics, this material, compared to a wood, a marble etc., is easier to maintain and simple to clean, even if, like all the coverings, even the porcelain tiles floors aren’t immune to the contingencies of the case.
But don’t worry, with a little care and using the right products, we will be able to keep our porcelain tiles floor bright and clean.
Let’s find out what they are and how to solve the most frequent unexpected events that can threaten the appearance of our porcelain tiles.

pavimenti in gres porcellanato porcelain tiles floor

How to clean porcelain tiles?

As mentioned above, porcelain tiles floors are very durable and, for this reason, should not be very difficult to be cleaned. Actually, despite the resistance that distinguishes it, porcelain tiles belong to the family of porous materials. Therefore, depending on the one with which it comes into contact, can change its appearance.
Fortunately, Marbec laboratories have studied and developed a complete range of professional and specific porcelain tiles cleaning and maintenance products, let’s find out immediately!

Persistent stains on porcelain tiles flooring: what to do?

When on a porcelain tiles floor appear, always in the same point, stains difficult to eliminate, the cause could be related to incorrect post-yard cleaning, or carried out with unsuitable products.
We will explain ourselves better, the post laying washing, if it is carried out with unsuitable products, will not be able to completely remove the resinous patinas that are used to lay the covering.
And it is precisely the residues of these patinas that, in contact with acid substances used daily as wine, lemon juice etc., disintegrate and create spots, making the surface very dirty.
To recover and permanently eliminate this type of stain, it is advisable to perform an extraordinary cleaning with a specific product, we recommend POWER DET: descaling degreasing concentrated detergent, specific to eliminate tough laying residues, halos and stains that are difficult to remove on porcelain tiles.

pavimenti in gres porcellanato porcelain tiles floor

Based on the intensity of the stain and residues, POWER DET can be used either pure or diluted in water.

In pure form it can be used precisely to remove consistent and stubborn residues of slurries, accumulations of dirt and deteriorated and stained glossy patinas. In diluted form it is perfect for extraordinary decontaminating washes of stained, deteriorated and heavily dirty surfaces.

What to do if the porcelain tiles floor always looks dirty?

If a porcelain tiles floor, even just washed, always looks dirty and just a drop of water is enough to stain it, it’s time to change the detergents you use to wash it.
That’s right, using unsuitable detergents, especially those that contain surfactants, instead of making our floor shine, we risk “ruining it” making it appear always marked by dirt.

Therefore, for effective daily cleaning and to make porcelain tiles shiny, you must use a detergent with very low concentration of surfactants such as GRES LINDO. A specific detergent based on inorganic salts that removes dirt and graying, even the most stubborn, bringing the material back to its original color.

pavimenti in gres porcellanato

How to polish porcelain tiles?

Another recurring problem when we are dealing with porcelain tiles is: limestone.
In some areas of Italy, the water with which the floors are washed is very calcareous and inevitably, during this procedure, the limestone residues are deposited on the floors and create an opaque patina.
This opaque veil turns the surfaces gray and above all makes the polished porcelain tiles lose its shine.
The question at this point arises:
how is it possible to counter this problem and how can we make porcelain tiles polished?

Simple! Using a highly effective and new product that Marbec studied and produced specifically to keep polished porcelain tiles surfaces clean and shiny: GRES BRILL.

pavimenti in gres porcellanato porcelain tiles floor

Specific product for the ordinary cleaning of surfaces in polished and lapped porcelain tiles and glazed ceramic.
It removes dirt and graying, dries quickly, without the need for rinsing and without leaving halos.
Specifically designed, it prevents the rapid formation of halos and spots of calcareous origin;
it is used diluted in water:

  • GRES BRILL diluted 30 cc / lt (about a glass in 5lt of water): for an extraordinary cleaning on very fine porcelain tiles, hard to wet (“fat” surface). Spread the product on the surface with a rag, a well-wrung mop or a microfibre cloth and leave to dry without rinsing.
  • GRES BRILL diluted 3-5 cc / lt (about a half coffee cup in 5lt of water): for an ordinary and daily manual cleaning of the surfaces or with the use of washer-dryers.

As for the matt porcelain tiles, for ordinary cleaning instead we always recommend GRES LINDO.
A concentrated product with very low content of surfactants based on inorganic salts.

Does a treatment to protect porcelain tiles floors exist?

After a deep wash, to protect our porcelain tiles floors and to facilitate daily household cleaning, it is advisable to carry out an effective anti-stain treatment.
We can carry out this treatment with ANTISPORCO, an ideal product for microporous materials such as porcelain tiles. A concentrated product that creates an invisible barrier against dirt and wear.

Quick and easy to apply, after laying, it dries in 15-20 minutes and is immediately walkable.

pavimenti in gres porcellanato

For perfect protection, we recommend applying this treatment periodically depending on the frequency of washing and trampling on the surface.


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