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23 July 2020

Humidity: 5 tips to protect indoor wooden floors

Indoor wooden floors accompany the house in every change. Discover 5 tips to protect your parquet effectively.

Who are the main enemies of parquet? We are going to tell you: water and humidity!
In the presence of humidity, the wood tends to expand, swell and rise, creating irreparable damage to the structures.
However, we don’t have to make the mistake of thinking that in the summer, with all this heat, our floor is safe from humidity, indeed!
Never forget that steam and condensation pitfalls are always around the corner, both in summer and in winter.
And it is precisely for this reason that to protect our indoor wooden floors it is necessary to follow precise rules all year round.


First of all, remember that wood is a “living” material.
Just like a real living organism, wood is “influenced” by everything that surrounds it.
Sensitive to light, heat sources, but above all to water, to keep it in full health it is therefore advisable to keep it away from any form of humidity.
If you are wondering how to protect wood, discover 5 effective tips, which will help you protect your parquet.

How to protect parquet from humidity? 5 effective tips

1-Before laying interior wooden floors

As is often said, if a structure has solid foundations it has the possibility of living long;
the same rule also applies to wooden floors, so let’s start with the installation.
Before laying the parquet, check the rooms and make sure there is no humidity
besides this, it is necessary to check that the wood is not wet during the construction site.
Once the wood has been laid, it is essential to ventilate the rooms very well to prevent any humidity.

2-The ideal temperature to protect parquet

Just like people, wood also needs to “live” in an appropriate microclimate to feel good,
or an environmental humidity between 45% and 65% and a temperature that oscillates from 18 ° to 25 ° C.

3-Attention to the air conditioner

Naturally, indoor wooden floors tend to absorb the percentage of water present in the air,
if this quantity is excessive, the wood risks swelling.
It seems absurd, but in summer this phenomenon is more frequent, because it is influenced by the excessive use of the air conditioner.
These systems cool the gas air and return it to the rooms without any control over the average temperature
nor on the humidity level of the rooms. In doing so, there is the risk of creating a very cold and humid climate within the home and
consequently, to ruin the parquet.
During the winter season, on the other hand, the opposite occurs perfectly, for heating the air,
wooden floors tend to shrink.
To preserve our wood, therefore, it becomes indispensable, to prevent expansion and shrinkage, to
maintain the right temperature at home as mentioned above, without exaggerating with the cold, the heat and above all with the humidity in the air.
To check the humidity in the house and to protect the parquet it is advisable to have a hygrometer and
use a dehumidifier.
Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to significantly lower the rate of humidity in the air,
all this will benefit our indoor wood.

4-Parquet and water: danger!

It can happen inadvertently to spill a glass of water, a vase, or simply create water vapor
after taking a shower. In these cases, do not worry but it’s better to act promptly!
In fact, to protect the parquet and to prevent the stagnation of spilled water on the floor, it is essential
immediately and quickly dry the entire surface and ventilate the room very well to facilitate drying.

5-An ideal treatment for parquet

To prevent unpleasant inconveniences and effectively protect the indoor wood it is advisable to carry out
a specific wood treatment.
We recommend HYDROIL INTERNO: a low-film impregnator for the protection of indoor wooden floors.

An ideal and easy-to-apply product (no special machinery required) which gives wood a resistance to
stains, dirt and wear due to foot traffic.
Ideal for those who want to carry out oil impregnations, it does not contain solvents (water cycle).

Water-based oily impregnator for indoor wood.

Suitable for all types of wood, it enhances the natural color of the parquet leaving a transparent and opaque finish on the surface with a silky touch of high quality.
Dries quickly, contains a very low amount of VOC (volatile compounds).

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