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23 September 2020

How to remove the oil from the floor?

There are many methods to remove oil stains from stone floors, find out how to remove oil from the floor quickly.

Have you ever spilled oil on the floor?

If the answer is yes, imagine how much this memory does not like you and create numerous thoughts about the possibility that the problem could happen again.

In fact, discovering with lived experience how to remove oil from the floor is not pleasant at all; the memories of the fear of having made irreparable troubles and the subsequent fatigue and frustration of trying to repair the damage, they are really unpleasant. However, don’t lose hope because there are several solutions that will help you to eliminate this problem and to be calm in case it happens again.

There are many ways to get rid of oil stains from stone floors, from grandma’s to professional remedies, more effective and certainly more painless. Don’t waste time and discover them immediately.

The danger of oil falling on a stone surface consists in the fact that it can penetrate more or less quickly inside the material, and irreversibly stains it, given the high level of absorption of the liquid by the stone.

How to remove oil from the floor according to grandma

One of the oldest grandma’s remedies, which as always comes to the rescue, consists of the timely action of a swab with an absorbent cloth that in the meantime minimizes the formation of the stain. This action can then be followed by the distribution of a copious dose of talcum powder or flour or bicarbonate on the stain; if you let these substances act, they will help you to absorb the stain from the stone; it will then be sufficient to complete the action by removing the talcum powder, flour or bicarbonate, with a not too hard brush and possibly with the help of a neutral floor cleaner.

After this first natural help you must necessarily focus on the different type of oil that can undermine the surface, and then go and permanently remove the stain with the right and suitable professional product.

How to remove the oil from the floor?

Internal or external oil stains?


If we are in the kitchen, the oils that can undermine our floor are those of animal or vegetable origin;
on the other hand, if we move into our driveway, the concerned stains are those of lubricating oils.

Therefore, arriving at professional solutions that will help us to solve this problem definitively based on the different types of oil, we cannot forget to mention two very efficient Marbec products: with their use, the problem of different oil stains on a stone floor will seem like a distant memory.

The first product is TIXO: with it removing oil stains of animal or vegetable origin will be child’s play.

Come togliere l’olio dal pavimento
Stain remover for the removal of oily stains of natural origin.


TIXO is a strong thickener alkaline-solvent stain remover, suitable where long extraction times are needed (stains deeply penetrated into the porosity of the material). Thanks to the special microporous thickened material, the action of the product can be suitably and easily prolonged over time: it does not leave harmful residues in the absorbent material, it does not leave unpleasant odors during the use and in the rooms.

To proceed with the application of the product, you need to use a spatula or palette, taking care to leave a layer of at least 3-5 mm of TIXO on the stain which has to be removed.

Always allow the pack to dry and then proceed with its dry removal with a nylon brush or broomcorn.

For the more resistant materials, in order to rinse you can use an acid solution (for example DELICACID or VIACEM diluted 1: 1 in water); for the most delicate materials (for example stones, cement and grits), you only use water.

The second product is SOLVOSIL, which permanently removes stains of lubricating oils.

SOLVOSIL is a thickened strong solvent stain remover that has a powerful and deep stain dissolving action without leaving marks on the materials.

It is recommended not to use it on synthetic agglomerates and synthetic grouts.

Come togliere l’olio dal pavimento
Strong solvent stain remover for removing oils, waxes, glues and silicones.

In order to apply the product correctly, it must be stirred until a fluid paste is formed. Apply the product with a spatula or palette taking care to leave a layer of at least 3-5 mm of SOLVOSIL on the stain which has to be removed. It is advisable to cover the entire stained element (eg tile, step, slab, etc.).

Once it is completely dried, it is possible to remove the pack that has in the meantime been “transformed” into powder.

In order to complete the treatment, rinse with a DELICACID acid solution diluted 1:10 in water or with a neutral solution of UNIPUL diluted 1: 3 in water on delicate materials (eg polished marble and grit).

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