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21 August 2019

How to protect interior wood: 5 things to know

Who said that wood should be protected only if installed outdoors? Find out how to protect your floor with a special wood treatment!

Have they always told you that wood should be protected only if installed outdoors?
Wood, a living and natural material, needs a lot of protection both inside and outside our home.
To give you just some examples, today we will illustrate the risks to which this highly prized material is subjected every day and we will present
a wood treatment that will help us protect our parquet.
Before discovering how to protect wood, let’s start to understand which are the first 5 elements that put the beauty and integrity of this fantastic material at risk every day.

Trattamento-legno wood treatment

  1. Water: this liquid is a constant threat to our wooden floors.
    If we think about it, in fact, how many times have we overturned a glass or even worse a bottle of water on the floor? But why is water so dangerous for wood?
    This liquid is very harmful because it succeeds, by infiltrating the cracks of the wood and reaching the fiber, to create irreparable swellings.
    Wet wood, if not dried immediately, could be permanently damaged.
    In order not to ruin the wood, however, we must be careful even during the drying phase, this must be gradual and not accelerated by electric heaters or dryers. In fact, the hot air generated by this equipment could create excessive cracks or splits. So when the wood floors get wet, it’s important to follow long paths made of steps and controls … to avoid all this effort, therefore, always better to prevent, maybe acting in advance with a nice wood treatment.
  2. Liquids: naturally, in addition to water, when we install wooden floors at home, we also have to deal with other liquid substances which, upon coming into contact with it, could cause irreparable damage, just think of the pee of a child or a puppy. In addition to swelling, these liquids can create stains and cause unpleasant odors that are difficult to completely eliminate.
  3. Scratches: despite various precautions, wooden floors with very high probability sooner or later tend to get scratched. Due to the falling of objects, the voluntary or involuntary movement of furniture, the presence of domestic animals, our wood is in constant danger.
  4. White spots: white stains may appear on the wooden surface.
    Usually the cause of these stains is nothing more than: the contact of the surface with a heat source or with humidity. The distraction, as they say, is always around the corner, to place a hot dish or a boiling pot on the wood is certainly not a rare thing.
  5. Sun’s rays: the sun’s rays also penetrate the home so our internal wood also needs protection.
    This material is in fact a photosensitive material and has photochromatic properties, meaning that it changes color when in contact with light due to UVA rays. Considering that avoiding the sun beating directly on the parquet is almost impossible, it is good, in environments very exposed to sunlight, to perform a treatment for the wood.

A special wood treatment!

Fortunately for all these risks there is a remedy, a special treatment for internal wood:
HYDROIL INTERNO an oleo-resin-waxy water-based protective impregnator, specifically designed to protect the internal wood from water, stains, dirt and wear. Let’s find out in detail!

Trattamento-legno wood treatment

HYDROIL INTERNO guarantees strong protection for wooden floors, walls and furnishings placed inside the home. Ideal for the protection of wooden surfaces, it is also suitable for the restoration of furniture in fact, being impregnating and finishing together, it ensures the right protection and a natural appearance to the furniture. If you also want to give a different color to the wood, you can use the IDROTONER BIANCO pigment together with HYDROIL, all the colors obtained will remain transparent and leave the natural design of the fiber unaltered.

Specifically, HYDROIL INTERNO:

  • gives the wood resistance to water, stains, wear and dirt;
  • enhances the natural color of the wood, leaving a transparent and opaque finish;
  • gives the wooden surface an anti-slip finish.

To preserve and protect the protective and aesthetic characteristics of the initial finish over time, we recommend a protective and nourishing wax for oiled wooden floors:

BIOCARE OPACO that makes the surfaces easier to clean and maintain over time.

Trattamento-legno wood treatment

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