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4 February 2020

Handmade cotto: how to maintain its beauty for a long time

Handmade cotto is a material as precious as it is delicate. Let’s discover all the secrets to keep its beauty for a long time.

Working around Italy, you sometimes discover real hidden wonders, such as the Church of Oliveto.
A cathedral located in the Bolognese hills about three kilometers east of Monteveglio.
A characteristic village, a magical place, from which you can admire wide views of the valley of the Samoggia stream.
This ancient structure, whose appearance dates back to 1033, hides authentic masterpieces inside,
like a fantastic handmade cotto floor.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto

A precious flooring treated by the excellent craftsmen of the Santi Ivano company,
by using professional Marbec products, to protect and maintain its immense beauty.
It is known that handmade cotto is a material as precious as delicate that needs the right attention to remain beautiful and without stains for a long time.
Are you wondering if it is always essential to perform a treatment on cotto?
To remove any doubts, we advise you to follow the interesting phases of the work performed by the Emilian professionals.
Santi Ivano, in fact, is an artisan company that operates in Emilia Romagna with headquarters in Modena.
Skilled craftsmen specialized in the recovery of surfaces such as the treatment and cleaning of indoor and outdoor cotto floors.

Two secrets to keep a handmade cotto in well condition for a long time

After laying, treating a handmade cotto floor becomes essential to keep it well-kept
and shining for the duration of his life.
In fact, an initial cotto treatment performed at the best and using the right products,
will help our surface stay bright and stain resistant.
In addition to the initial treatments, to safeguard this material, as natural as it is, we must not forget the importance of both daily and periodic maintenance.
Over time, in fact, like all natural materials, handmade cotto can risk becoming opaque
and thinning. So, a costant maintenance can save our flooring.

Handmade cotto treatment: stages

As a first step, after laying, the handmade cotto has been washed with TIM: a protective impregnator for cotto with exceptional penetration and diffusion capacity within the porosity of the absorbent stone materials. It forms a water-repellent, anti-humidity and stain-resistant chemical barrier on the materials.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto
Anti-humidity and anti-stain protective for absorbent stone materials.

Subsequently, after this pre-treatment, all handmade cotto tiles were grouted with great care.
Once the grouting is finished, to smooth the surface and eliminate the “teeth” created by the residues,
the handmade cotto was delicately sanded dry.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto

After that, to finish the cleaning, it was laid on the pavement
a strong descaling detergent for cotto, specific for the removal of cement grouts,
limestone efflorescence and encrustations: VIACEM.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto
Strong acid descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta.

In the end, the washing was completed with an additional hand of TIM.
After cleaning, the artisans treated the surface to give the handmade cotto the right protection.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto

A coat of EXCEL PLUS was applied to the flooring. EXCEL PLUS is a protective for cotto, with specific oil-repellent properties
which greatly decreases the absorption capacity of fluid substances, especially fatty substances.
The product keeps stains away and facilitates floor cleaning.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto
Anti-stain protective for absorbent stone materials.

As a last step, before treating the cotto with the IDROFIN finisher, in order to facilitate its action, the surface was wet with PRIMAMANO NEUTRA, a leveling wax for all types of medium-high absorption stone materials such as stones, cotto, cement and mineral plasters, placed inside. The neutral version was chosen to enhance and not alter the original natural tone of the cotto.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto
Anti-dusting leveler for absorbent stone materials.

In the end, to complete the treatment and to facilitate daily cleaning, IDROFIN MATT was applied.
IDROFIN MATT is a low-filming, anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for absorbent stone materials placed inside: cotto, absorbent natural stone, cement.

cotto-fatto-a-mano handmade cotto

At the end of the intervention, the result blew away professionals and visitors!

Santi Ivano
Zocca (Modena)
Tel: +393472257577

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