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18 January 2021

How to clean silver: all possible methods

Frames, bracelets, trays, silver cutlery, with time lose their brilliance and become covered with that horrible black patina. Let's find out why and how to make them shine perfectly.

How angry when silver goes black!
If this annoying natural phenomenon gets on your nerves, you are in the right place;
in fact, today we discover everything about how to clean silver to perfection!

Why does silver turn black?

Any type of silverware blackens, you know, this is unfortunately an indisputable dogma.
Frames, bracelets, trays, silver cutlery, over time, sometimes not too much, lose their brilliance and
they are covered with that horrible black patina.
But before discovering how to clean silver flawlessly and how to make it remain as bright and clean as possible, we want to understand where this blackening comes from.

The main cause of this transformation is oxygen. So let’s put our hearts in peace.

The oxidation process of silver is caused by contact with oxygen present in the air
which occurs gradually over time.
Silver is a very delicate material and as such has many other enemies that cause it “adverse reactions”,
such as: sulfur, water and humidity in general.
Once polished, therefore, remember to arrange the silver objects in completely dry places.

How to clean silver | Marbec

How to clean silver: natural methods

If you have a lot of time, as much patience and above all a lot of elbow grease,
to remove the black patina from silver you can try the old grandmother’s methods.
Here are some tips and natural remedies to make silver shine.

Perfect match: salt and aluminum

One of the most famous and ancient tips for cleaning silver is certainly to use salt and aluminum.
We line a glass container with aluminum, fill it with boiling water and coarse cooking salt.
At this point, we throw the silver objects inside and leave them there.
After an hour, let’s dry them with a cloth, the result will be incredible.

Lemon juice

Among the most effective remedies to make bulky objects shine we find lemon.
We pour lemon juice mixed with baking soda on each object to be cleaned,
then rub vigorously with a cotton cloth.

A nice mug of beer is what you need

Fill a bowl with beer and plunge into it,
for a whole night, all the objects to be cleaned.
In the morning, once rinsed, the silver will be as good as new.


Once the ash from the fireplace has cooled, sieve it and mix it with a little water,
until a semi-liquid mixture is obtained.
With a cloth we rub the mixture on the blackened objects.

Toothpaste not only for whitening teeth

Put some toothpaste on a cloth and rub the black patina.
Once the entire surface is covered, rinse with plenty of water.

A new recipe to cook in the pot: water potatoes

Once you have finished boiling the potatoes, do not throw the water away but add some white wine vinegar to the pot,
at this point we immerse the objects to be cleaned in the liquid.
This natural stain remover will bring our silver back to shine.

White vinegar

We mix vinegar and water, the result will be an excellent degreasing solution to rub and clean even the silver.

How to clean silver: a fast and infallible method

So far, we have seen how to clean silver with grandmother’s methods,
certainly functional for light patinas. If instead the patina is very deep,
the time available is short and if the desire for a certain result is stronger than the desire to experiment,
we recommend a super effective method for cleaning silver: METALUX.
A specific cream for cleaning and polishing surfaces in copper, bronze, brass, steel, chrome, silver.
Easy to use, it does not contain acids, it does not give off harmful fumes, it does not leave halos after use and it does not scratch.

How to clean silver | Marbec
Polishing and cleaning cream for metal surfaces.

To make our silver shine, just pour a small amount of product onto a damp sponge.
Rub the surface to be polished until a dark patina is formed.
Rinse with water.

If the patina is very encrusted, we recommend applying the cream on the silver,
leave it to act for a few minutes and then rub.

Once you have finished cleaning, get yourself a pair of sunglasses because the result will be amazing and above all blinding!

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