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27 January 2020

How to clean shower screens effortlessly?

Are you wondering how to clean shower screens perfectly? Here are some useful tips that will reveal how to have always a shining shower!

Are you desperate because it’s time to clean shower screens? Don’t worry, you’re in good company.
Cleaning the shower is perhaps the most tiring and tedious household chores to do, although essential to keep away
three great enemies: bacteria, limestone and mold.

In fact, in the next paragraphs we will discover in detail:

  • how to clean limestone-encrusted shower box;
  • how to clean the shower from mold;
  • how to clean shower screens and keep them always perfect.

Before we start to illustrate the steps to have always a shining shower, we must make a premise.

Of course, as for all other household chores, even for the bathroom, it’s important to clean frequently.
To avoid making too much effort and to have always a brilliant shower box, it is important to pay attention and have small precautions every day.
So first let’s remember, after taking a shower, to dry the water well from the walls and windows,
in this way we will avoid or reduce the formation of limescale and mold deposits.

But now, after this first tip, we can proceed and find out how to clean the shower box in a few steps
and have it always sanitized and perfumed.

pulire-vetri-doccia to clean shower screens

How to clean encrusted shower box?

Limestone is the first huge enemy of the shower.
This sedimentary stone is formed wherever there is the presence of water and mattifies any type of surface.
Faucets, shower heads and walls are certainly the components most prone to limescale. So, during the cleaning,
It’s important to check these surfaces well. If we find limestone, to eliminate it in depth and without too much effort,
we spray SANI-KAL FORTE on all incrustations.
A specific, practical product that easily removes the most resistant limestone.

to clean shower screens
Descaling detergent for surfaces strongly encrusted with deposits of limestone, urine, soap residues and rust stains. It leaves surfaces clean and shiny.

How to clean the shower from mold?

If limestone is the first enemy of the shower, we can say, without any doubt, that the second is mold.
Mold is a problem that affects all humid environments.
Since that of the shower is an environment always exposed to water jets, the formation of unpleasant substances,
like traces of mold, it’s quite frequent.
In fact, due to the high humidity, it is almost obvious to discover different deposits inside the shower box
of this annoying mushroom.
Usually molds form in the less visible and difficult to reach corners,
to eliminate it, therefore, we recommend using a spray product such as PULI MUFFE.
A sanitizing detergent for cleaning and removing mold, algae and fungi from walls, plasters, coatings, shower boxes, external wooden structures.

pulire-i-vetri-doccia to clean shower screens
Sanitizing detergent for mold removal.

How to clean shower windows?

Finished with molds, we move on to the most visible part of the shower, the glass.
Understanding how to clean the shower screens is the first step to always being bright
this fundamental component of home furnishings.
Remember that: a shower with clean glass will always look new.

To make the glass of the box shine, it is important to always have a squeegee on hand
to be used to eliminate splashes of water after each shower.
This small daily trick will limit the presence of limestone on the glass but it will not prevent us from cleaning
of the shower. After many showers, in fact, it is inevitable that limescale, but also substances such as soap, shampoo residues, create dirt and halos on our glasses.
Fortunately, to eliminate any type of dirt in depth, we can use a practical detergent: SHOWER BRILL.
A descaling and protective anti-limescale cleaner that cleans and removes limescale without the need to rinse.
In addition to clean shower screens, SHOWER BRILL, by creating an invisible protective film on the material, prevents the deposit of limescale and soap residues.

pulire-i-vetri-doccia to clean shower screens
Descaling and protective anti-limescale detergent.

Once the cleaning is finished, taking a shower will be even more beautiful and relaxing!

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