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27 July 2020

How to clean polished porcelain tiles? 3 mistakes to avoid

Are you looking for some tips to clean your polished porcelain tiles perfectly? Discover the mistakes not to be done to always have a perfect floor!

We know, between you and the polished porcelain tiles it was a real love at first sight!
Like all the great and lightning love stories, however, butterflies in the stomach disappear.
And it is precisely in that moment that shadows, spots and halos can ruin even the most intense loves, but don’t worry,
with little attentions, the love for our fantastic floor will never end.
Let’s not wait any longer and find useful tips to keep this flame always lit and understand how to clean porcelain floor tiles.


How to clean polished porcelain tiles: what to do and what not to do.

Take care of our floor, understand what to do and not to do, to defend it from insidious dangers and
especially how to clean polished porcelain tiles perfectly and without much effort,
it will protect its appearance and our glow in the eyes.
Porcelain tiles is a mixture of clays and quartz that guarantees low porosity and,
consequently, poor water permeability. Thanks to its composition this material is generally less subject to
the appearance of indelible stains. Despite this, the polished porcelain tiles, given the more invasive processing to obtain the glossy finish,
it is more delicate and risks scratching and staining more easily.
This is why during the cleaning phase it is essential not to make mistakes that could be fatal and to ruin the splendor of this material.

Porcelain tiles cleaning: error 1

No to generic detergents
There are all types of products on the market to clean and eliminate stains on floors,
it may seem strange but the most common and deleterious error that causes stains on the porcelain tiles floor is the use of “inadequate”
detergents, that are easily found on the market.
These detergents contain surfactants, substances that settle on the surface of porcelain tiles and,
on contact with water, they contribute to the formation of annoying spots.
For a daily cleaning of porcelain tiles, it is therefore always good to choose specific products such as GRES BRILL:
a concentrated detergent for frequent washing of porcelain tiles, specific for cleaning polished and lapped (semi-gloss) porcelain tiles.
It does not contain strong acids, it’s fast and easy to use, it dries quickly, without the need to rinse and it does not leave halos.

Anti-halo sanitizing detergent for polished porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles cleaning: error 2

Never use wax
Another common mistake to avoid is to pass a wax, after removing the stains on the porcelain tiles floor.
Wax can cause damage both aesthetically, creating unpleasant halos on the surface, and functional,
due to the natural slipperiness that distinguishes it.

Porcelain tiles cleaning: error 3

Stop abrasive cloths
Even when the stain is indelible, there are stubborn dirt and deep halos,
we must never use abrasive surfaces such as metal wool on our polished porcelain tiles flooring.
For extraordinary and intense cleaning it is good to choose specific brushes capable of cleaning without scratching the surface, combined with a concentrated product such as POWER DET.

Intensive stain remover for porcelain tiles.

This product is a concentrated cleaner with acid-degreasing function, specific for post-construction and extraordinary cleaning of surfaces in polished and rough porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic, clinker.

To increase the depth of cleaning, the perfect combination is undoubtedly:


TAMPONE BLU has a slight aggressiveness and is ideal for carrying out extraordinary manual cleaning of porcelain tiles floors.

For an optimal result, in case of very dirty surface, remember that before the last rinse,
dirt must be collected with a microfibre cloth.

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