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11 July 2019

Garden maintenance: how to always have a perfect garden!

Are you dreaming about a perfect garden? Discover all our tips to have an increasingly green and tidy garden!

These hot summer days encourage us to spend more and more time outdoors, during the summer, terraces and gardens become the most popular destinations of our house.
But to live and fully enjoy the pleasant summer air, we cannot forget to perfectly prepare and clean all the external areas of the house.
So as always, before the pleasure, let’s get ready and start the various cleaning and garden maintenance jobs!

manutenzione giardini garden maintenance

Garden maintenance: first phase.

Gardening, as we know, is an activity, a hobby that brings benefit to our whole body.
Treating plants and flowers is good for both our physical and mental form.
To have a perfect garden, however, you need to follow very specific rules.
In fact, gardening, like many other disciplines, is not an activity that can be improvised but rather requires in-depth knowledge.
So let’s get ready for:

  • fertilization, the procedure that leads to soil fertilization. It is carried out by adding substances that enrich the earth with nutritious components.
  • pruning that allows to give shape to a plant variety, controlling its vertical and horizontal development. It can be made both for aesthetic purposes and to remove dead or diseased branches so that they do not damage the plant internally.
  • watering, provide the plants with a suitable amount of water that must reach the roots sufficiently. Always better to water morning and late evening, without ever exaggerating to avoid unnecessary stagnation.

If on the one hand, these activities are so useful to the plants, on the other they represent a constant danger for the stone components that furnish our garden, such as for example: low walls, paths and sidewalks.
Fertilizers, stagnant water, plant residues, if not perfectly eliminated from the surfaces, could generate rusty stains, mold and indelible halos on the stone.
That is why, after having carried out these operations, we must think about the last phase: the cleaning, that concludes the entire maintenance of the gardens.

How to clean a garden after gardening?

After ordering, as at home even in the garden, it is necessary to dedicate oneself to “cleaning”.
It seems a trivial aspect but in reality, sometimes this action is taken for granted or forgotten.
This is why we will try to describe, step by step, how to clean a garden and how to deal with and overcome the contingencies of the case.

  • Green area cleaning: let’s start by clearing the lawn of weeds, branches and dry pruning leaves; collect and sweep away waste material; to remove small paths and walls from annoying rusty spots.
    Yes, to have a perfect garden we cannot forget to check and eventually clean the components.
    At this stage, therefore, that type of maintenance is included, let’s call it extraordinary, that is all the actions that must be carried out to eliminate those annoying moss spots, black halos, molds and lichens that threaten the beauty of our external materials.

Extraordinary garden maintenance

Natural elements such as rain or moisture, and chemical factors such as fertilizers or plant fertilizers can undermine the beauty of our garden. By coming into contact with the hard stone in fact, these substances can create horrible stains on it.

To give just some examples, it can happen that during watering the irrigation systems lose water, these losses can cause rusty stains on concrete walls.

manutenzione giardini garden maintenance

So how do you remove the rust from the stone floor?

Simple, using an effective product!
To eliminate this type of rings, it is advisable to use a specific professional product: TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO a stain remover ready for use, specific for the removal of rust stains and metal oxides stone surfaces.

manutenzione giardini garden maintenance

TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO is simple and fast to use, not being acid, it can be applied on all stone materials in general, even the most delicate ones.
To remove the rust from the stone floor, once the surface has been swept and washed with clean water, just apply the product on the stains and let it act until you notice the reaction to extract the rust (the product will take on a purple color ).

Once the reaction has taken place, we will have to remove the product within 10-15 minutes by rinsing with a slightly alkaline aqueous solution (for example using a strong and descaling wax remover-degreaser like SGRISER, diluted 10% in water). The rinsing phase is very important, in fact, we must not let the product dry on the surface. In the case of hostile rusty stains, we can repeat the application.

manutenzione giardini garden maintenance

Once all the phases of garden maintenance are finished, we prepare books, music, fresh drinks … and nobody can disturb our well-deserved relaxation!

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