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22 June 2020

5 secrets to remove moss from cotto quickly!

Keeping the outdoor surfaces clean from moss and mold is very demanding, discover simple tricks to facilitate this tiring job!

After discovering how to clean the outdoor cotto from mold, it’s time to arm yourself with holy patience and
remove the moss too.

The invasion of moss on cotto walls or sidewalks is undoubtedly a great nuisance and, unfortunately,
it is more frequent than you can imagine.
On outdoor flooring, sooner or later, it will be inevitable. That’s why it’s essential to start the treatment early and find out how to remove moss from cotto.

rimuovere-muschio-dal-cotto to remove moss from cotto

Why is it important to remove moss from cotto?

Moss is a weed that appears and spreads on our beautiful outdoor flooring,
especially if these are not well exposed by the sun, as they deserve!

rimuovere-muschio-dal-cotto to remove moss from cotto

In fact, two of the major causes of the appearance are humidity and low light exposure.
This biological patina, through spores carried by the wind, tends to form between the joints of the floors and,
due to the abundant presence of water, it proliferates to cause aesthetic and structural degradation, with the appearance of cracks and depressions.

How to remove moss from cotto?

Moss therefore, like all other pests that threaten our surfaces, must necessarily be eliminated;
we must act promptly to avoid the worst.
So, with dedication and patience we find out how to clean an outdoor moss floor.
Here you can find 5 remedies that can help you fight this annoying “plague”.


The first great ally against infestations is white vinegar.
A truly miraculous solution, useful in many households, just apply it directly on the vegetable components to be eradicated and, in a few days, it will eliminate the roots.

Coarse salt

A remedy to remove moss from cotto is right inside our pantry: coarse salt.
Spread a little on the surface of the cotto floor damaged by moss, thanks to its deadly effects for any plant form, it will bring great benefits.

Boiled vegetable water

Another ancient grandmother’s trick is to pour on the moss that grows between the tiles and sidewalks,
water just boiled with which we cooked our vegetables.
With a lot of patience and constancy after a few applications, in a few days, you will notice the effect of removing them on our floors.

Alcoholic solution

Another effective natural herbicide can be vodka.
By spreading it directly on the mosses or plants that populate our outdoor floor, we could quickly verify its disinfesting effect, we can repeat the treatment even with a vaporizer.


To remove moss from cotto very quickly and without surprises we can use ALGANET, a specific stain remover to remove even large deposits of biological origin from outdoor stone materials.
Alganet, a very valid and quick remedy, acts in depth until all the moss is dried.

Stain remover cleaner for the removal of biological incrustations.
rimuovere-muschio-dal-cotto to remove moss from cotto
Work performed with ALGANET privately.


In this first phase, to act more energetically, we can pass the product with the help of a BROWN BUFFER or a pressure washer. This will remove the dry roots previously neutralized by the product.

Buffer composed of a polyester structure with a high density of resin and mineral.

At this point you can proceed with the cleaning operation.

We wash our cotto with ECOMARBEC: sanitizing, ecological and hypoallergenic detergent for floors.
Cleans, sanitizes surfaces, attacks materials, respecting the environment.

Ecological concentrated detergent for cleaning stone materials.
rimuovere-muschio-dal-cotto to remove moss from cotto
Work performed with ALGANET privately.
rimuovere-muschio-dal-cotto to remove moss from cotto
Work performed with ALGANET privately.

After this treatment, the moss will no longer escape and our cotto will return to its unique and original beauty, the true protagonist of the outdoor environments of our homes.

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