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3 May 2019

The most beautiful work of March: an ideal cotto treatment, eliminates stains and restores its beauty!

The most beautiful work of March takes us back to Montalcino, in the heart of splendid Tuscany and makes us discover an interesting treatment on cotto.

Returning to Montalcino is always an immense pleasure; relaxing walks in the quiet Tuscan countryside, places rich in history to visit, many wine-making traditions to taste and numerous architectural works in stone and cotto to be admired.
Montalcino is undoubtedly a magical place, a splendid combination of art, tradition and nature.
It seems incredible, but the protagonist of the most beautiful work of March is a place that unites all this wonder: the Banfi Castle.
Banfi Castle, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, is a historic medieval fortress rich in history and tradition.
An ideal place to regenerate or to celebrate special events, the Castle conceals unique riches to be discovered: a museum dedicated to glass, a restaurant, a wine cellar, luxurious rooms, covered with splendid Umbrian cotto.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

And the cotto floors of the elegant dwelling are the protagonists of the intervention carried out by the talented artisans of the R.G.M. Montalcino services.
After three years from the first intervention, considering the excellent result that has recovered and brought to light the natural beauty of a cotto floor stained with wine stains, the R.G.M. Services was called again to intervene this time on the cotto floor of rooms, suites and restaurant room that needed special care.
In order to treat these types of materials, it is necessary to intervene with expert professionals, since the risk of irreparably ruining cotto floors using unsuitable products is on the agenda.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

Why is it important to perform a cotto treatment?

It is said that cotto is like wine, the more it ages and the more good / beautiful it becomes!
And never like in Montalcino, home of the famous nectar of the gods, this combination has been so appropriate!
That’s right, cotto is a natural material obtained from a particular and ancient clay cooking treatment that, with the passage of time, acquires an eternal charm and gives the room a particular elegance and enveloping warmth.
If in the past cotto was used only to set up houses with a rustic taste, lately this material is increasingly in demand also for covering homes with a contemporary and modern style.
In fact, in addition to the aesthetic characteristics, cotto, being very versatile, also perfectly responds to the structural requirements of both internal and external environments.
The main features of this cotto are:

  • mechanical strength;
  • good durability;
  • resistance to atmospheric agents and chemical substances.

Although very resistant, due to its porous surface, we must include among the weak points of cotto: the absorption of liquids.
To solve this type of problem, however, fortunately it is possible to carry out specific treatments that will help us to maintain the integrity of the material over time and will facilitate us in cotto cleaning.

But let’s discover the interesting phases of the cotto treatment that gave way to recover the cotto floor already treated of rooms and suites of the suggestive Castello Banfi.

Cotto treatment: phases

Cotto wax remover

To perform excellent maintenance, the professionals of the R.G.M. Services first and foremost have removed and cleaned the cotto from the old treatments. Knowing the characteristics and peculiarities of the material well, to help you in this delicate phase, good craftsmen have relied on the effectiveness of Marbec professional products.

It was applied over the entire surface leaving it to act for about 20 minutes, with the help of a single brush: SGRISER, a wax remover for cotto, porcelain tiles, natural stone or decorated cement floors treated with oil-wax impregnators.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

Cotto cleaning

To clean up the old treatment residues that emerged from the dewaxing phase, the inside cotto floor was washed with VIACEM: a strong buffered acid detergent for stone materials descaling. The artisans have spread the product on the entire surface, rubbing it with nylon pads and brushes. Then, to finish, they have rinsed with plenty of water.
At this point, after these two first steps, the cotto floor, restored to its natural state, appears completely clean and stained.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

Cotto protection

As mentioned above, cotto needs to be “protected” from the accidental appearance of stains.
So the last phase of the intervention was precisely that dedicated to the protection-prevention of cotto.
The entire floor was treated with the wet-effect impregnator OIL WET, diluted with DILUOIL.

OIL WET tonalizing protective agent without solvents was applied in 2 steps at 24 hours intervals, with a floor scrubber in soft brush. After 2-3 days, the opportune time to ensure a perfect drying to the surface, the rooms were immediately used. This treatment will keep the cotto flooring safe from water, oils, and other liquids with which it could come into contact.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

The same procedure was carried out on the restaurant floor, considering the room continuously exposed to stains of any kind, such as oil and various food, it was considered appropriate to add a further treatment that would facilitate the cleaning of the cotto: POLIFIN, a glossy anti-dirt and wear-resistant finisher suitable for stone materials.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

To complete the intervention perfectly, the surfaces already treated 3 years ago were also cleaned with a simple wash.
Thanks to the effectiveness and durability of past treatments, in fact, there has been no need to perform any kind of deep maintenance.

trattamento-cotto cotto-treatment

At the end of the treatment, the floor appears shiny, illuminated by warm reflections and above all protected.

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