The best work of the month

9 December 2019

The best work of the month reveals how to clean the cotto!

This month we discover the basic steps to always have a perfect cotto.

Today the best work of the month leads us to visit one of the most characteristic and fascinating cities in Italy, Bologna,
and let us discover how to clean the cotto perfectly.
In this romantic town, every square, every corner, every alley, tells something about itself.
Walking through the streets of Bologna, the welcoming character and the poetic style of the city fill mind and heart.
In the historical center, every architectural structure, from the elegant and majestic domes, to the amber medieval palaces, makes the charm of this city unique.
And it is precisely the floor of one of the most beautiful buildings in Bologna, Palazzo Montanari, the protagonist of the most beautiful work of the month:
a wonderful cotto surface intersected by magnificent mosaics, which has been cleaned and treated in its entirety.


For us at Marbec and for the talented artisans of the Pippolo di Timpano Giuseppe company, the intervention carried out on this historic floor was a source of great satisfaction.

This palace in fact, wanted by the Aldrovandi family whose construction dates back to 1725 and ended in 1752,
is one of the most important buildings in Bologna, with its facade, considered the most significant example of Bolognese architecture of the eighteenth century in which the lively imagination of the architect Torreggiani, always careful to create new and precious ornaments, emerges unequivocally.

The interior, also very interesting, boasts large decorated halls, frescoed vaults, majestic statues, prestigious floors made of cotto mosaics that leave visitors breathless.
Maintaining the beauty of a mosaic is not easy because the mosaic is a very particular floor, made up of the combination of many small more or less regular cotto tiles.
So, deciding how to best treat a cotto mosaic is not always easy.


To clean the cotto tiles and intervene on these types of surfaces it is therefore necessary to pay close attention, just as the talented artisans of Pippolo di Timpano Giuseppe did.
The intervention was particularly demanding and brought to light the timeless beauty of this exceptional floor.
But let’s go into detail to learn about all the phases of the intervention and find out which are the ideal steps to carry out to clean a cotto floor.

How to clean the indoor cotto?

Before the intervention, the cotto of the Palazzo Montanari hall was particularly compromised and deteriorated.


An ecological concentrated detergent for cleaning stone materials.

ECOMARBEC was used to wash deeply and to remove large amounts of dirt on the entire floor:
an ecological and hypoallergenic detergent for cotto, stone, porcelain tiles, ceramic and cement-based floors.


This detergent cleans, sanitizes surfaces and does not attack the materials, it is also rapidly biodegradable.
To achieve an optimal result, the very skilled professionals have availed themselves of the help of a single brush and by combining the strength of the disks and the effectiveness of ECOMARBEC they have performed a very intense descaling action.
At the end of the operation, the cotto was rinsed thoroughly with water.


Subsequently, once dry, a thin layer of leveling wax was applied to the floor suitable for all types of medium-high absorption stone materials such as stones, cotto, cement and mineral plasters, placed inside: PRIMAMANO RAVVIVANTE.
Once dried, the wax has visibly enhanced the natural color of the material.

Primer for the leveling treatment of surfaces in cotto, stone, absorbent cement-based agglomerates, plasters placed inside.

As a last step, the talented artisans could not forget the protection. So, to keep the cotto treatment,
an opaque anti-dirt finisher for stone materials was applied all over the floor: IDROFIN MATT.

An anti-dirt and anti-wear low filming finisher for absorbent stone materials placed inside: cotto, absorbent natural stone, cement.

IDROFIN MATT is ideal for protecting over time the basic treatment of the material and its initial aesthetic characteristics. This specific product, constituting an easy-to-apply, resin-waxy micro-layer, reduces the penetration of dirt and makes the surfaces easier and faster to clean.

After the intervention, this wonderful cotto has returned to shine and is ready to welcome visitors from all over the world!

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