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25 February 2021

The best work of the month: a fantastic recovery of ancient cement tiles

The best work of the month takes us to travel with the imagination and makes us discover a fantastic recovery of ancient cement tiles in the beautiful capital.

How much do we miss travelling?
In front of this question, closing our eyes, we seem to hear a single and strong chorus of voices
that in unison we scream out loud: “very much”.
In this “particular” moment where all our habits have changed,
the memory of our beautiful travels is still far away, but we are sure that soon,
taking a little more patience, everything will return to normal and we will be able to start enjoying our trips out of town again.

However, one important thing is not to stop fantasizing,
travelling with the imagination and dreaming of the next destinations. It is precisely for this reason that today,
taking advantage of an intervention on the famous ancient cement tiles, to brighten our day and your day we are going to take you to visit the prestigious Basilic of Sant’Andrea della Valle in Rome which,
who knows, could become your next destination to discover.
We are sure that after this virtual journey, you will think about that.

ancient-cement tiles

Sant’Andrea della Valle, a Basilic to be discovered

Surely you have already heard of the Basilic of Sant’Andrea della Valle,
located in the historic center of the city of Rome, along Vittorio Emanuele II Avenue, between the homonymous square in front of the church and Vidoni Place,
in the Sant’Eustachio district.
The Basilic, which stands out for its grandeur and beauty, was built at the end of the 16th century,
on the site of the small church of San Sebastiano and Piccolomini Palace,
which today is the mother house of the order of Theatine regular clerics.

This extraordinary Baroque church, entirely in travertine, has been the guardian of important bodies such as Pius II and Pius III since 1623,
of the holy relics of Antonio and Fortunato and of the sacred remains of the Theatine Cardinal Saint Giuseppe Maria Tomasi.

Inside, the church has a single large nave, a short transept,
six intercommunicating side chapels and a large barrel vault frescoed in the early 1900s.
A place of worship but also an infinite wonder, an indescribable magnificence, which leaves visitors breathless.

ancient-cement tiles

It is precisely for this reason that taking part with our products in a so important intervention on a floor of ancient cement tiles
performed by Davide Incredibile and by the Davide Cao company
fills our hearts with satisfaction and happiness, and so we can only warmly thank these talented craftsmen.

Incredible recovery of ancient cement tiles

Intervening on such important floors is not for everyone: these interventions require attention and exceptional skill.
The responsibility of dealing with ancient cement tiles that contain an extraordinary history is certainly a great deal.
And it is precisely for this reason that to recover the beauty and integrity of these floors, which retain so much history and sacredness,
the best specialists in the sector were called: the Incredibile Davide company and the Davide Cao company.

The talented experts, with the help of our professional products, have brought back the splendor of these stained cement tiles.
In fact, even when at first it seemed impossible,
the entire flooring appeared very deteriorated due to inadequate cleaning performed by a series of bleach washes.

To eliminate the matting and multilayer patina of metallic waxes,
a deep and intensive wash was performed.
It was necessary to combine the strength of two super products:

SGRISER: an alkaline detergent, solvent for strong degreasing dewaxing washing on all stone materials,
cotto, stone, glazed ceramic, klinker, stoneware, concrete, grit, etc.

ancient-cement tiles
Strong dewaxing detergent for stone materials.

This detergent is ideal for carrying out a strong descaling degreasing cleaning,
for the removal of oil stains, greasy substances, smog and biological encrustations, old oil and wax impregnation treatments.

DELICACID: a controlled action acid detergent with minimal environmental and toxicological impact to decalcify and pickle even the most delicate materials.

ancient cement tiles
Acid descaling detergent for stones and ceramics.

Once everything was rinsed with plenty of clean water and with a dry surface, a perfection treatment was performed
with one coat of EXCEL PLUS and two of IDROFIN MATT.

EXCEL PLUS: a specific anti-stain protection for absorbent stone materials,
which eliminates and drastically reduces the absorption capacity of liquid and fatty substances.

ancient cement tiles
Stain protection for absorbent stone materials.

IDROFIN MATT: an anti-dirt and wear-resistant finish with low film coating for absorbent stone materials placed inside, cotto, absorbent natural stone, concrete.

ancient cement tiles
Wear-resistant, anti-dirt matt finish for stone materials.

After this intervention, the ancient cement tiles have regained their original shape and color.
It seemed impossible, but once again the union of experience, passion for one’s work,
skill of the good craftsmen prevailed.

ancient-cement tiles

The incredible result is testified by the immense happiness of the entire work team accompanied by that of the “hosts” of the house.

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