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7 July 2020

The best job of May: how to renovate stone walls

Are you thinking of leaving a stone wall exposed? Very good Tuscan craftsmen explain to us how to renovate stone walls in simple steps!

The most beautiful work of May brings us to the heart of our beautiful Tuscany, to be precise in Quarrata,
and by showing us a fantastic restoration on a historic building, it makes us discover how to renovate stone walls!

And the protagonist of this wonderful work, carried out on the Church of S. Giovanni Evangelista, is precisely the stone, together with the excellent craftsmen of the Delta Special Applications company of Franco Scarnato.

The work was offered free of charge to the Parish of Montemagno.
The stone, a solid and resistant element, is a material that lends itself very well to restoration.
Thanks to the natural color of each single stone, if left visible, it creates an extraordinary visual effect,
undoubtedly fascinating, decorative and suitable for reviving the environment.

With the restoration of stone elements – made by the talented Tuscan craftsmen – such as the seventeenth-century facade, the main door and the frame of the Niche,
the interior of the Church has been enriched.
But let’s find out every single step in detail.

How to renovate stone walls: the basic steps

The first intervention was carried out on an internal stone wall made of sandstone.
This phase required a lot of commitment from the very good professionals.
This ancient wall, of medieval manufacture, appeared very “battered” before the recovery.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

In fact, due to continuous inappropriate changes, including the reworking of a very large area for posting marble headstones and a wooden cross on a basement,
the stone wall had numerous traces of nails and fixing hooks with relative fillings and gluing.
The signs of manual chipping, with consequent weakening of the stone surface
deprived of its secular “peel”, are evident too.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

To restore this monumental stone wall, as the first phase, the experts carried out a manual removal
with hammer and chisel of all improper grouting, traces of cement glue, nails and metal hooks.
Subsequently, a mechanical cleaning of the removed grouting was carried out,
up to the living stone, using manual tools, a special chisel and pneumatic micro-chisel.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

At this point to thoroughly wash and remove all dust and processing residues,
the craftsmen used DELICACID: a descaling detergent for all stone materials resistant to acid substances.
It was used and followed by rinsing with a pressure washer with low pressure.

come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra
Acid descaling detergent for stones and ceramics.

Once finished, washed and revived, the real phase of restoration began:

  • Basic grouting of gaps and openings with special restoration mortar;
  • Hand finishing of the grouting with special epoxy mortar, with sandstone effect
    (the color of the stucco has been corrected with pigments based on oxides and natural sands);
  • The glazing performed with pigments dispersed in water applied by brush or sponge.
  • Once the restoration phase was completed, to protect the entire surface from deterioration, TIM was applied over the entire surface: a protective anti-humidity and anti-stain product for absorbent stone materials. It forms a consistent chemical barrier that is
    water-oil repellent and breathable on absorbent stone materials such as cotto, absorbent natural stone, cement, mineral plaster.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

As you can see from the pictures, the new wall has given the whole environment a suggestive charm.
The characteristic shape of the stone, with its harmonious reflections created by the beam of natural light, is able to enchant every visitor.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

Also for the restoration of the stone door, a very simple structure with jambs and lintels of local gray sandstone,
they carried out the same procedure.
A first functional recovery intervention, a recomposition and uniformity of the grouting,
Then, a conservative and consolidating protection of the surface.
Also in this case, TIM was used to protect and prevent humidity and the natural degradation of the surface.

come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra
Anti-humidity and anti-stain protective for absorbent stone materials.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

Finally, as the flagship of the entire intervention,
the experts made a work of aesthetic recovery of the stone frame of the niche, with “trompe l’oeil” decoration, to resume pigmentation and natural appearance of the adjacent stone.
The niche houses an ancient painted statue of the Madonna, inserted in a golden wooden frame in the Baroque style.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

After a preliminary hand wash to remove residues of dust,
experts carried out a punctual manual decoration of
the stone frame and its chromatically inadequate parts, nuance and uniformity of color and apparent texture.

Come-ristrutturare- muri-in-pietra

Thanks to these works, we discovered how to renovate stone walls and find authentic masterpieces!

Via Boschetti e Campano 105 51039 QUARRATA (PT)
cell: 330750381

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