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3 June 2019

Polishing marble floors: the most beautiful work of spring

The most beautiful work of spring brings us to discover a fascinating palace, the Temple of Hadrian in Rome and a formidable technique: the polishing of marble floors.

The ancient Temple of Hadrian is the historic seat of the Rome stock exchange, this building is a magical place, rich in history and tradition.
Being a true architectural wonder, it has impressive columns, fantastic floors, majestic marble sculptures.
And with our immense pleasure, the professionals of the C.T.R. of Sabbatini Mauro of Cisterna di Latina choose Marbec products to restore the ruined marble of the building. Let’s discover together the interesting phases of the treatment.

Multiple solutions to restore ruined marble

Marble is a material as beautiful as delicate.
This stone, in fact, formed mainly from limestone and minerals, is part of the carbonate family and for this reason, has a porous composition, enemy of acidic liquid substances and particularly subject to wear.
This is one of the reasons why marble, with the passage of time and coming into contact with acid substances, tends to stain and become easily opaque.

Very often, in fact, observing an antique marble floor we will find parts more or less damaged: stains, chipping or yellowing.
But don’t be afraid, fortunately in fact, if on the one hand we have seen how “problematic” this material can be, on the other we can calm ourselves and discover that there are procedures such as polishing, capable of regenerating and restoring ruined marble.

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

These more or less invasive techniques are able to give back to marble the brightness and lost splendor.
Naturally, depending on the degree of wear, it will be more or less appropriate to act with more specific and intense interventions.
From do-it-yourself to the intervention of experts, the solution to make our marble shine again is always there!
Us, for example we know well at least a couple or maybe more: 5 methods (plus one) for polishing or cleaning marble.

Today, however, we want to tell you another story, that shows how it is possible to restore the ruined marble, with a professional technique. We’ll do it by showing you the interesting phases of the intervention carried out by the talented craftsmen of the C.T.R. by Sabbatini Mauro from Cisterna di Latina.
Are you ready? Let’s begin.

How does the ruined marble shine?

As mentioned above, there are many methods to restore damaged marble, and today we want to illustrate how to recover a particularly worn floor using one of the most widespread and effective techniques for living stones: polishing marble floors.

Where did we start to polish marble?

The talented Roman artisans, have been called to intervene on a very dirty and damaged pavement placed in the Temple of Hadrian in Rome.
Looking at the photos, it is clear that this is one of the cases in which it is indispensable, to return the marble to the original brilliance, to rely on the professionalism and experience of the experts.

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

Initially the professionals, considering the state of the pavement, carried out structural interventions.
In fact, in addition to being stained, the surface was also characterized by chipping, scratches and missing parts.
To consolidate and restore the integrity of the flooring, the disconnected and detached parts were repaired, with consolidant injections and the missing inlay parts were reconstructed.

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

Then a deep wash was performed with a very strong product: MICRONET. A concentrated detergent for stone materials that removes stubborn dirt, penetrated into the microporosity of the materials.

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

MICRONET is also excellent for cleaning joints between ceramic tiles blackened by accumulated dirt. Thanks to the specific formula of MICRONET the annoying and stubborn rust stains that had invaded the surface have also been eliminated.

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

In a second step, to uniform the treated flooring to the rest of the marble surface of the building, an antiquing treatment was performed with a diamond disk: PAD.
The diamond is impregnated directly inside the support for a thickness of 3-4mm. This specificity makes the PAD PRELUX of MARBEC unique and far superior to those “sprayed” that can be found on the market.

As a last step, to protect the marble, ANTISTAIN, a universal, anti-stain, protective has been passed over the entire surface. It is used on stone materials: cotto, natural stone, marble, stone, cement, mineral plaster and ceramic materials.
The product is used pure on clean and dry surfaces. Suitable for both internal and external flooring, ANTISTAIN is applied with a brush, cloth or fleece wax spreader.

lucidatura-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors

In addition to giving the surface a strong protection, this product facilitates the cleaning of dirt from the material and increases resistance to atmospheric agents and foot traffic.

After polishing marble floors, everything has returned to shine like the time of the majestic Roman empire!

lucidature-pavimenti-marmo polishing marble floors


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of Cisterna di Latina

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