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22 January 2020

The best job of the month: cleaning a ruined marble floor

If your marble floor has become opaque over time, do not despair, but find out how to clean a ruined marble.

Today we have decided to tackle a fairly frequent problem for all those who must clean the marble surfaces: the cleaning of blackened marble.
Taking advantage of a professional intervention, carried out inside the Cathedral of Grosseto, we want to illustrate you
how to clean a ruined marble floor.
We want to reassure you and show you that there is always a solution for ruined marble;
especially if the work has been made by very skilled craftsmen with the the help of excellent professional products, such as Marbec.
Our marble will shine again just like that of the majestic Cathedral of Grosseto.
But don’t waste more time and let’s find out the stages of this interesting work carried out by the company
R.G.M Servizi di Bartolommei, specialized in the recovery of surfaces;
expert craftsmen capable of intervening with specific techniques to treat large surfaces and precious materials.
If, on the other hand, your marble had problems with stains and you want to know how to clean marble opaque with acid substances,
other effective interventions are waiting for you!

The blackened marble of the Grosseto Cathedral

The Cathedral of Grosseto is the most important Catholic place of worship in the wonderful Tuscan city. Elegant, with a Renaissance and Baroque taste, this building is the result of many renovations and modifications that have followed over time.

come-pulire-il-marmo-dalle-sostanze-acide how to clean ruined marble floor

If the exterior is characterized by decorations, plant motifs, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic;
its interior holds interesting sculptures and wonderful marble floors that evoke a unique and suggestive atmosphere. And one of these historic marble floors is the protagonist of our intervention today.

come-pulire-un-pavimento-in-marmo-rovinato how to clean ruined marble floor

The treated floor, before the restoration works, was very dark.
In fact, due to the trampling of the shoes on the slabs, black spots appeared.
But let’s go ahead and find out the whole intervention.

How to polish ruined marble

After carrying out the inspection and thoroughly studying the floor conditions,
the good skilled craftsmen of the R.G.M company decided to act by carrying out a deep cleaning of the blackened marble.
As a first step, to remove the deep dirt caused by the trampling, the entire floor was washed with MICRONET,
a detergent for cleaning blackened marble.

come-pulire-un-pavimento-in-marmo-rovinato how to clean ruined marble floor
Intensive detergent for microporous stone materials.

The specialists, with the help of a single brush and RED DISC, applied this excellent product which quickly and deeply eliminates all the most stubborn dirt from low absorption materials, on the entire surface.
Once the dirt was completely removed, the floor was rinsed with water.

As a second step, once dry, the marble was sanded with a RED DISC
and polished with KW-STAR powder.

The RED DISC, ideal product for cleaning blackened marble, removes the black surface traces without affecting the protective layers of the surfaces.

come-pulire-un-pavimento-in-marmo-rovinato how to clean ruined marble floor
Excellent for removing black surface traces.

KW-STAR is a powder for polishing all types of marble. The polishing action occurs progressively during the mechanical rubbing action thanks to the microabrasives it contains.
The product gives shine to corroded and worn surfaces, without creating films. It also maintains the natural appearance of the material.

come-pulire-un-pavimento-in-marmo-rovinato how to clean ruined marble floor
Powder crystallizer for marble and grits.

As you can see from the pictures, the end result was amazing!

come-pulire-un-pavimento-in-marmo-rovinato how to clean ruined marble floor

So even if your marble is very ruined, do not demoralize yourself and remember that with the help of good professionals and the right products, we can find out how to clean ruined marble floor.

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via Osticcio 10, Montalcino (SI)
telephone +390577847219

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