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15 September 2020

Best job of the month: how to clean Botticino marble without damaging it

The best job of the month leads us to discover a wonderful Botticino marble floor recovered by talented Tuscan artisans.

To end the summer at the best, the best job of the month takes us to visit Maremma,
one of the most enchanting places of our dear peninsula, precisely in Cortona.
The talented artisans of the Punto Service s.n.c company were called to recover a historic floor
in Botticino marble. Let’s find out all the steps right away.


A special Botticino marble

Villa di Piazzano is an elegant 15th century residence located in the Tuscan countryside.
An authentic beauty of nature.
The Villa was built as a hunting lodge for Cardinal Silvio Passerini.
Entering the Villa is like stepping back in time and reviving for a few moments the charm of an ancient noble residence
surrounded by green expanses and olive groves.

The special atmosphere, the elegant details and the Botticino marble floors make this structure unique.
For this reason the wonderful Botticino marble floors are the protagonists of the restoration work that we are going to discover today.

A very fine marble, characterized by chromatic veins in ivory white tones,
resistant, not very porous, suitable for any internal or external architectural structure.
This natural stone is certainly unique and precious and as such it needs special care to keep its structural and aesthetic characteristics intact.
Treatments that must begin from the moment of installation.

In case of stains, however, we do not hesitate and find out how to polish or clean the marble simply with the help of Marbec.

A fundamental step therefore, to ensure a “good and long-lasting life” of the floor,
it is undoubtedly carrying out a marble treatment after installation,
just like the one made by the talented craftsmen of the Punto Service company.
Punto Service is a Tuscan company specializing in the recovery of surfaces, extraordinary cleaning of floors,
treatment of stone floors, sanding and polishing of surfaces and much more, in short, real masters of the trade.
Let’s discover the true phases of the work together!

A magnificent intervention on Botticino marble

The floor after installation was very dirty, in fact, over the entire surface,
there were massive amounts of grouting residues. To eliminate this very stubborn dirt,
the expert carried out an extraordinary and deep washing with the help of UNIPUL.

The talented artisans spread the detergent on the entire floor,
they let it act for a few minutes and then rubbed everything with medium hard pads.
Once finished, they removed all residue and rinsed with clean water.

UNIPUL is a concentrated detergent for a degreasing and intense cleaning, ideal for all hard surfaces.
Very easy to apply product, effective even at low concentrations of use,
it does not leave streaks after use and leaves a pleasant scent in the rooms.

After washing, to complete the marble treatment and to prevent dirt and wear,
the experts applied a coat of GUARD to the surface. GUARD is a protective water-based impregnator that forms a consistent, breathable oleophobic chemical barrier on compact and poorly absorbent stone materials.
GUARD forms a resistant stain-resistant barrier, not altering the appearance and color tone of the material.




At the end of the intervention, the beauty of Botticino marble becomes visible to the naked eye!



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