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9 April 2020

Best job in March: how to remove moss, lichen and black crusts from external surfaces?

Are your stairs, low walls and sidewalks blackened by stains? Discover an effective treatment to eliminate moss, lichen, black crusts from external surfaces.

During this particular and delicate moment, to cheer up our and your days, we thought of traveling a bit
with the mind, reach one of the most fascinating places in the world and illustrate a wonderful intervention that will explain how to eliminate mosses, lichens and black crusts from the external surfaces.

A historical and stoic intervention against mosses and lichens

Today we decided to take you for a walk in the “eternal city”: Rome.
Rich in history and charm, this wonderful city is par excellence the cradle of Italian art and culture.
Every Roman corner is rich in tradition and enchantment, that enchantment mixed with amazement that always surprises us
when, walking through its streets, our eyes meet the majesty, the beauty, the charm of a monument, of a church,
of a fountain and much more.
And “enchantment“ is precisely the right word to describe the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, the protagonist of today’s intervention.

The Basilica of Sant’Antonio saved by mosses and lichens

A grandiose and iconic cathedral built in 1800, the most demanding work by architect Luca Carirmini
which combined neo-Renaissance details with the fifteenth-century forms typical of Sangallo.
Components of fundamental grace and refinement characterize the historic structure such as the exposed brick facade with travertine architectural elements and the double staircase leading to a majestic five-arched portico where the statue of Saint Anthony with the Child is placed.
Just the main staircase of the basilica, which due to the appearance of black mold, moss and lichen, has become,
thanks to the excellent craftsmen of the Davide Incredibile company, protagonist of the cleaning and restoration intervention.


We talked about “two leading actors” because without the experience and specific skills put in place by the talented craftsmen of the Davide Incredibile company, which operates in Rome to “free the floors”, we’d never see the beauty originally from this marvel staircase again.

In fact, removing moss, lichen and black crusts from surfaces is not at all simple,
to act perfectly and achieve an optimal result, you need to know all the characteristics of the materials, perform targeted interventions, decide with which tools and products to intervene.
At this point, if you are wondering how to clean external stone floors from mold and lichen, all you have to do is find out the specific phases of the intervention.

Eliminate lichen moss and black crusts: intervention phases

After a careful inspection, considering the compromised state of the surface, contaminated with black mold and
from a rigid layer of moss and lichen, the excellent craftsmen decided to intervene by treating the entire surface in two different moments.
The first phase was dedicated to a deep and intense washing.


To eliminate lichen moss and black crusts, they used the help of ALGANET:
a concentrated powder cleaner for moss and lichens, with strong sanitizing power, suitable for the removal of large biological deposits from stone surfaces.

Stain remover cleaner for the removal of biological incrustations.

Left to dry naturally, the ladder was subsequently treated with TIM,
a protective treatment necessary to prevent the reappearance of moss and lichen.

Anti-humidity and anti-stain protective for absorbent stone materials.

Thanks to a specific formulation, which forms a consistent hydro-oil-repellent and breathable chemical barrier on absorbent stone materials, TIM counteracts the rising damp by drastically reducing the absorption of water in the material.


Once the intervention was finished, words were not enough to describe the excellent result achieved by the very good professionals, only the images can help us.



Incredibile Davide
Ladispoli (Rome)
Tel: +393384988846
Mail: ncr.d@libero.ti

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