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11 December 2018

Cleaning of Toniolo Institute facade: the most beautiful work of November

Professionals at work to remove stains on stone caused by pollution

The most beautiful work of November leads us to visit one of the most lively and interesting cities of our beautiful peninsula, Milan and shows us an intervention to remove stains caused by pollution from surfaces.

The intervention was carried out on the façade of a very important building in Milan: the Giuseppe Toniolo Institute of Higher Studies, Founding Body of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. This building represents for the city a very prestigious reality, a university that promotes different courses and initiatives that accompany students from the choice of the university faculty until the insertion into the world of work.

Stains removal from surfaces

The restoration work was carried out by the company LOCATELLI ANTONIO ANGELO – Imbiancatura Verniciatura Tappezzeria, the talented craftsmen have performed, with the help of the Marbec products, an intensive treatment to remove the stains from the stone that have formed over time due to pollution, smog and atmospheric agents that contaminated the sophisticated and particular beauty of the building. Before the intervention, the façade was very damaged and stained, although it was decorated with a very resistant stone: the Ceppo di Gré.

Facade material: Ceppo di Gré

Ceppo di Gré is a stone of a color that fades from gray to blue, extracted in the town of Gré, on Mount Clemo, which is used for its highly ornamental action. The good workability of the stone combined with the pleasant appearance have favored its use as a covering material, particularly used outside. This material, so precious and characterized in appearance by the presence of original pebbles, is very resistant to:

  • frost;
  • thermal variation;
  • wear;
  • compression and flexion.

Unfortunately, as happens with every stone used for the construction of external urban buildings, even Ceppo di Gré, despite its resistance, is not completely immune to the degradation inevitably caused by smog and atmospheric agents.

What types of stains causes pollution?

Urban pollution consisting mainly of vehicle exhaust, waste disposal and food preparation causes many problems for buildings. Any external surface, from houses to monuments, located in a city environment is inevitably destined to become covered with deposits, dust and debris. These micro-materials deposit on the external facades and take on a color that goes from gray to black, which over time can become anti-aesthetic, by presenting black crusts that end up becoming real films that tend to harden always more and to become less and less porous and impermeable. Their thickness can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. Each affected façade appears opaque and stained, just like in our case. Fortunately, the intervention of professionals has brought the building back to its elegant original appearance, but let’s find out in detail the intervention carried out to remove these annoying stains from the stone caused by pollution.

The steps of removing stains from the stone

The expert artisans of the company with their intervention have been able to make shine again the original beauty of the façade compromised by the black spots. The excellent result was achieved thanks to the use of Marbec professional products chosen by the company to guarantee a professional and high quality result. As first step, a descaling and intense degreaser wash was carried out with the help of the specific product: PULITORE FC. The product, characterized by a particular viscosity, has been applied with a paint brush over the entire facade.

In a second moment, after having been left to act for about 30 minutes, the product has been worked in pieces and then rinsed with plenty of water. Thanks to this treatment, the stone façade has been completely cleaned from smog, grease, atmospheric pollution and brought back to life.

Company that has executed the works:


Imbiancatura Verniciatura Tappezzeria

Via Brescia 19 / A-24055 Cologno Al Serio (BG)

Tel: 035 896657 Mobile: 340 3469613

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