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3 March 2017

Special stain removers: how to remove residual fertilizer from the external surfaces

Spesso i fertilizzatori posso danneggiare vialetti, muri e marciapiedi. Quali sono i prodotti giusti per rimuovere le macchie di ruggine?

With the vegetative growth andthe arrival of springwe start thinking about gardening and plants. To pave the way, defend the plants and stimulate their growth are normally passed fertilizers. Some of the key elements contained in fertilizers soaking in ferrous sulfate such as iron and sulphur, acidify the soil and contribute to nutrient vegetables, but these insolubilization elements are crucial for the growth of plants, as they can be very dangerous for the surfaces that are located in the surrounding areas. null

Rust stains

The ferrous components contained in fertilizers can contaminate walkways, walls and sidewalks and Remove Rust once the surface is stained if you don’t use the right cleaning products, can cause worse damage materials and in some cases irrecuparabile. But the solution is very simple, just act before! just get the right stain remover to remove the rust and not compromise the covering material hopelessly. A common mistake for example may be to try to clean the surface with normal household products, but if the product contains acids, could corrode calcareous materials like marble or travertine or waste materials are not resistant to acidic substances such as concrete and metal grains for example.


Togliruggine liquid, the stain remover to remove rust

LIQUID TOGLIRUGGINE the Marbec stain remover to Remove rust stains from stone materials, can be also applied on glossy surfaces like marble, travertine and grits without corroding the surface because it does not contain acids.

How do I use Togliruggine Liquid

Use this product very easy! simply pick up a spatula, a shovel or a brush , taking care to leave a generous layer of stain remover on the surface. When the product takes on a purplish discoloration means that the reaction to the rimozine of rust from the surface . The processing time may vary depending on the type of material. After the reaction, the product must be removed within 10-15 minutes by rinsing with water and if necessary, repeat the application.


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