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20 May 2016

Resin for durable and washable concrete floors

La resina per pavimenti è un'ottima soluzione per proteggere i pavimenti in cemento. Oltre a impermeabilizzare, la resina rende le superfici resistenti e facilmente lavabili. E poi è personalizzabile. Vediamo l'intervento su un pavimento in cemento di un'azienda vinicola.

The cement a material widely used for the construction of industrial floors. The benefits of concrete pavers are many: the speed of laying, relatively low costs per square meter and the uniformity of the surface that can get, making it a convenient choice for large areas. A concrete floor also requires very little maintenance, because a material quite resistant to chemical and mechanical effects.Of course, the concrete floor makes no concession to aesthetics. If you’re willing to grey surroundings, well then the cement material that suits you. But for an environment where it is produced, this is not the primary among the disadvantages of a concrete pavers. Yes, because the concrete floors have some difettucci. The cement a porous material. Not waterproof and has a tendency to absorb liquids and stain. Also, with the weather tends to degrade, releasing a fine dust that settles on every surface. Finally, cement, although durable, it tends to wear out easily, especially when subjected to continuous stress. In most cases, these are disadvantages negligible. But imagine the Chianti wine winemaking company Department: big machines produce continuous vibration on the surface; uvo juice fermentation runny scattered everywhere, grapes, grape stalks and peels scattered throughout. Such an environment he then needed to be cleaned with the cleaner, but it would ruin a concrete floor. What to do? The answer: resin for concrete floors! Resin Industrial flooring-ideal To remedy all the problems of cement, a water-borne epoxy resin coating solution. The resin produces a protective layer on the concrete floor, making it waterproof, dustproofand washable . Also, thanks to the addition of the pigment, the resin can be coloured to your liking. In short, the resin was the perfect solution for a winery of Chianti, that he needed to make your own concrete floor stain resistant, hardwearing, easy to wash and Red ferrari. Here is the final result. Read on to find out how obtained!

A resin floor, slip resistant red like fire

The intervention was made by di Bartolomei, R.G.M. Services based in Montalcino. Not the first time we host a talk by this company on our blog. In April the R.M.G. Services had maintained an excellent restoration of terracotta of a chateau-hotel in the Tuscan countryside. For the occasion, the company had used the products MARBEC. As the saying goes, never change a winning team, and also for this intervention, R.M.G. services are served by our products devoted to epoxy flooring. But what an epoxy?. For those readers, more familiar with chemical knowledge, the definition of Wikipedia can provide some basic answers. To others, however, suffice it to say that the epoxy a great coating for concrete floors. Its characteristics of workable and the chemical and mechanical resistance, make it suitable for industrial floors are not subject to an excessive traffic. The epoxy resin also allows for customizing both aesthetic and mechanical. Aesthetics because it allows you to add a customized color. Mechanics, because quartz spheres have been added to the resin which made non-slip.

The resin on the concrete floor

Let’s see how they proceeded R.M.G. Services technicians. Prior to performing any work they clean the concrete floor. This step serves to remove any debris that might compromise the tightness of the resin. In addition, cleansing allows cement pores dilate, facilitating a successful treatment. Both objectives were met with VIACEM, the cleaner-acid detergent MARBEC Fort. VIACEM removes all debris from the concrete floor, enlarged pores and preparing it for the first coat of resin.Pulizia preliminare di un pavimento industriale in cementoS, because the resin for concrete floors is not rolled out in one hand. need to prepare the surface with a background in transparent resin. The R.G.M. services used EPOXYFIN 2, an epoxy resin for concrete floors. Perch? Simple: EPOXYFIN 2 a resin for floors with high mechanical and chemical resistance. These features allow it to withstand the pressures generated by the pressure washer as well as make it impervious to stains. The first coat of resin is also used to make additional treatments. In this case, small balls of quartz has been added to the product to increase non-slip properties and make sure the work place.La prima mano di resina epossidica trasparenteAnd now comes the fun part. The customer of the establishment had asked that its establishment had the color of the team pi Italy famous. To do this we pass a second layer of pigmented resin red. Also in this case used the epoxy EPOXYFIN 2. The product MARBEC allows to customize the floor.

A red Ferrari floor

The end result you have already seen in the picture at the beginning of this article. The Red chosen fits well with the Red of the walls. But what most counts, now the concrete surface sar completely protected from the resin for floors. Grape juice not macchier, it will be possible to perform thorough cleaning with the pressure washerand the concrete floor will be protected from excessive wear. Here is a detail of the workmanship performed.Pavimento in resina rosso Ferrari

Summary of treatment

Type of intervention

An industrial concrete floor coating epoxy resin

The company that performed the surgery

R.M.G. Services di Bartolomei via Osticcio 10, Montalcino (SI) phone 0577 847219

Products used

  1. Washing the surface with VIACEM;
  2. Base coat of transparent epoxy EPOXYFIN 2 with addition of quartz balls to increase the non-slip effect of the surface;
  3. Final finish with epoxy pigmented red EPOXYFIN 2 at the request of the customer.

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