27 June 2018

A range of professional floor cleaners: second part

How to clean and maintain the indoor surfaces at best

In the first article we have seen what are the best products for cleaning outdoor surfaces and how to use them; but we also see how to maintain the interior floors, with a professional range of detergents for indoor surfaces and which are the best solutions for each type of material.

Cleaning the floor of our home perfectly can seem obvious and easy, in reality it is an action that requires knowledge and constancy.

If you think about it, in fact, how many memories do you have of grandmothers, aunts, mothers constantly engaged in searching for stratagems, methods and advice to make their floors shine? If the generations who are a little “experienced” have many, compared to the past, today we can find Marbec professional detergents, excellent and specific products that perfectly clean the surfaces, respecting them in full blown. In fact, first of all, to clean perfectly and do not damage the surfaces of our home, it is appropriate to know very well the characteristics of your floor, the type and the intrinsic peculiarities of the material we are going to treat. No floor is the same as another, and consequently the products to be used to clean it are different. A key feature that we need to know to choose which product is most suitable for our floor is undeniably one: the finish. Today on the market, we find endless finishing possibilities that make the floor glossy or opaque, satin or lapped, elegant or rustic; finishes that characterize an environment both for taste and for ease of cleaning and for practicality, hence the consequent choice of products to be used.

But let’s discover together some of the main characteristics of the most used materials to furnish our homes, and the most suitable products to clean them deeply.

  • Parquet: wood is certainly one of the most beautiful and elegant materials capable, thanks to its natural characteristics, to make our home cozy and warm. Resistant to wear and stress the parquet, to maintain its original beauty, requires special attention especially for daily cleaning. An excellent product to cleanse this kind of surface every day is PULIBRILL. Neutral and concentrated product for varnished or oiled and wax treated wooden floors. It deeply sanitizes, making the surface brilliant and fragrant with the delicate and pleasant essence of lemon and mint.

  • Gres: porcelain tile is one of the most used materials in Italy for covering floors and walls of our homes; compact ceramic of particular beauty, the gres meets both aesthetic and functional requirements. Practical and quick to clean the gres, thanks to its particular composition of clayey and natural products, it is a very resistant and hard material, which contrasts particularly well to chemical and atmospheric agents. For its daily cleaning we recommend our concentrated detergent GRES LINDO, a product that quickly and deeply eliminates all dirt, even the most stubborn, for a deep and fast cleaning.

  • Marble and stones: marble is a natural stone which, arising from the process of crystallization of calcium carbonate, is part of the pure rocks. Characterized by great refinement and delicacy, it makes the surfaces particularly elegant. Its maintenance requires special care; for today’s maintenance the ideal product is UNIPUL. Universal detergent, excellent for hard surfaces, cleans ceramic materials, stones, cotto, cement and synthetic agglomerates, does not leave halos on surfaces and does not need to be rinsed.
  • Cotto and stone: cotto, a splendid material that gives our floors, together with a touch of rusticity, a timeless charm. However, being a porous stone, it needs neutral products such as the concentrated FLORA detergent, suitable for the daily cleaning of cotto and absorbent stone floors treated with wax. Hygienizer and degreaser, ensures a deep cleaning, respecting the surfaces.

Do you need any advice on cleaning and maintenance of your surfaces? Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will answer your questions.

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