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6 July 2016

Waterproofing your deck with a penetrating sealer for flooring

L'acqua è il peggior nemico della tua terrazza. Devi però impermeabilizzare la superficie, o rischi di ritrovarti con la terrazza rovinata dalle infiltrazioni d'acqua. Scopri come.

You’re in luck: having a House with a terrace just nice. You can do your evenings with friends, get some fresh air in the summer or mount a hammock to keep cool in the summer. Isn’t it? A terrace increases the value of a House, especially if it is in downtown.Un bel terrazzo arredato con gustoBut, for having a deck same as the photos, it takes some maintenance. Like any outer surface, the deck exposed to the weather. Sun, rain, heat, cold: all these agents degrade the surface. It’s easy to imagine, a degraded surface sensitive to external attacks. Have you noticed that dark patina on the terracotta tiles outside of terrace? Or those white spots? Or moisture stains on the ceiling just below the terrace? They are all due to the infiltration of water. In this article we discuss the remedies for water infiltration from the deck. The remedy is actually quite simple: waterproofing. Water infiltration from the deck: a common problem If you came here, you are probably wondering how waterproof a deck or terrace waterproofing products you could use. You-‘ve come to the right place. Terrace waterproofing the only way to solve problems of water seepage causing the problems that we talked about. Unfortunately, they often do not care this aspect, and we complain that the tiled floor of the terrace has obvious damage caused by water infiltration. The fact that cotto, clinker , cementand all materials of this kind, are deeply absorbing. Their absorbing surface makes sure that they absorb moisture very easily. When it penetrates into a surface, the moisture tends to expand and to go more in depth. If it is not tackled in time the problem of humidity, per s trivial risks becoming catastrophic. So let’s see what happens when it fails a proper sealing of the terrace.

The problems caused by water infiltration

On an unprotected water terrace has an easy way to penetrate the surface, and from there reach the underlying structures. Why is this happening? The floors of terraces, very often, they are made of porous materials. Cotto, clinker, concrete, natural stone: they’re all building materials used to create outdoor tiles. An area like extremely absorbent. It’s not just the pores of the floor to open the way for water ingress. The cracks are a privileged access route for water that gets inside. Pores and cracks are the main causes of water seepage from the deck.

Infiltrazioni d'acqua dal terrazzo: un soffitto rovinatoWater infiltration from the deck should never be neglected. Here are some of the consequences:

  • Growth of Biofouling. that ugly black patina on the floor. Is formed because the moisture absorbed ideal for the growth of algae, fungi and lichens.
  • Chemical efflorescence formation. You know those white spots that sometimes you find on the quarry floor tiles outside or on the walls? Form when the humidity rises to the surface, leaving these deposits of calcium carbonate.
  • Damp spots and plaster degradation. Usually you can find them on the walls of the rooms below the terrace. Form when moisture penetrates deep down.
  • Weakening of the walls. certainly the case serious pi. If the intrusion of humidity are neglected, causing exfoliation of the masonry below which can be up to corrode the iron in cases of concrete structures.

Terrazzo con pavimento in cotto toscano con incrostazioni biologiche.

As we said, the case serious pi. Surely your situation more mild. Do you need to know how to successfully run a serious damage terrace waterproofing pi. Also because in this case, the only remedy to severe infiltration of humidity from the terrace demolish and rebuild everything. a costly intervention and very invasive, don’t you think? The goal of this article also does not let yourself get to serious situations cos.

Muro rovinato dalle infiltrazioni d'acqua dal terrazzo

Let us see how waterproof a terrace in a simple and efficient way with a waterproof product for floors: precisely what you need.

Water repellent for floors: waterproofing of terraces and done!

A repellent a product that takes advantage of the chemicals to prevent water from penetrating the surface. It works by creating a chemical patina on the surface. So doing, this product acts as a waterproofing shield. Now you know you need a waterproofing agent for floors to make your deck impervious to water infiltration. But there are many products to choose from. We recommend finding a professional product that for being such must have these characteristics:

  • A reasonable time;
  • Must not leave no black patina on the surface;
  • Must be a product resistant to ageing;
  • Must be easy to use.

Marbec studied a professional product for waterproofing of the terrace that was studied and tested to have these characteristics. This is Aquablock 100. Acquablock a perfect for waterproof paved terraces and other absorbent materials. It penetrates inside the pores and forms an invisible chemical barrier. This protection will reduce the absorptive capacity of the surface and eliminate long the problem of water seepage from the deck. Even the floor joints are protected with Acquablock 100: your deck will be completely protected from any water infiltration! Acquablock easy to use. We use pure on the surface, which must be clean and dry. You will need to spray or brush the product onto the surface, up to cover it all. For best results you must be careful to insist on leaks, cracks or cracks on the floor. After a few minutes (usually 5-10 minutes), you will stroke the surface to remove any excess product. If necessary, you can apply a second coat of the product as soon as the first coat will dry. Let dry the producttypically from 6 to 8 hours). Careful: after waterproofing treatment, the terrace will not get wet for at least 24 hours! Here’s a video that explains the process: Simple, right? If you do a waterproofing treatment as Aquablock 100 you will be sure to avoid problems of dampness, and enjoy your great patio!

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