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29 October 2016

Matt marble polishing: pi work nice for October

Con Marbec ci trasferiamo in una località di lusso per un intervento di trattamento del marmo esterno opaco.

We are at the end of October and, as every end of month, we did a review of the works carried out with Marbec products. The choice was not easy. We have reported different jobs, all high quality, all done with our professional products for housekeeping. In the end we had to make a decision and we present the polishing of a red marble façade of Matt France. The assisted marble lining belongs to the Prada boutique in Forte dei Marmi and backed by Paolo di Marcantonio, specializes in the treatment of natural stone surfaces (go to end of the article to have all references)

A marble opaque unaesthetic. What you can do?

Forte dei Marmi a very prestigious seaside resorts. For several decades the gathering place of a clientele accustomed to live in luxury. That’s why the “Strong” are trademarks of the most prestigious boutiques: Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and others. In such an environment the glitz mandatory: gilding, polished marble and metal surfaces. But all this requires maintenance and if not handled properly you will lose the effect! In the case of operation described in this article, we were dealing with a common outer polished marble pi issues. When this rock is exposed to weathering long begins to unfold. The surface erodes at a microscopic level and loses all its luster. The result looks off, that has nothing to do with the prestigious glossy marble effect. In the picture below you can see quite clearly the consequences of clouding of the marble and the contrast with the glossy teaches:Thanks to its experience the company Paolo Di Marcantonio, professional treatment and cleaning of marble, was able to step in and restore shine to this marble now tarnished. To perform this work, the company chose Marbec perch with its products guarantees a professional performance and high quality finishes. But let’s see how it performed the surgery.

The intervention of external marble polishing

When laid outside, marble tends to spoil. If you have a marble sill, you know what I’m talking about. The weather and smog make marble surface rough and uneven, causing a decrease in the reflection of light. The result a dull marble that loses all its luster. Also, in this case, there is another issue: marble pores open and let in inside of the microparticles of smog and dirty that, in the long run, the stain and ruin. An impregnation and polishing what you need in these cases. Polishing enables marble finish to return to the surface of the marble his lucentezzae also protects it from further damage from the elements.

Here’s how to Polish marble

Marble polishing an operation uncomplicated. It’s hard to choose the right products and apply them correctly. The risk of choosing impregnated products that create a film that does not breathe the marble, which distorts the natural color or that the grease excessively. We get into the detail and we review the tools and products that were used by Paolo Di Marcantonio.

The recommended tools

Here-‘s what you need to Polish the marble opaque:

  • Cloth: servir a spread the stain
  • Marble filler: performers of the surgery have used OIL WET, a primer for natural stone that we have already seen in other posts about this blog.
  • Solvent for the impregnating agent: to dilute the product serves a product that leaves no residue. DILUOIL the right product.

Matt marble polishing treatment

Perform a polishing treatment for marble easy with the right products. We see in what condition was the marble before surgery: As is evident from this picture, the marble had lost his nice shiny red and had become completely off.To perform the treatment you have to DAB the surface of marble with a cloth soaked in oil until it is absorbed by the surface. The impregnating agent chosen state OIL WET. This stain is ideal for impregnating treatments on natural stone. OIL WET indeed can be diluted to obtain different concentrations and adapt it to the types of intervention. OIL WET enhances the quality of the stone. Does not create films or films but protects the pores of the marble, avoiding infiltrations degrading agents. At the same time OIL WET returns the naturalness to the surface on which it is used.For this intervention on red marble from France, OIL WET was diluted to 30% with DILUOIL, a solvent specifically for impregnated products. But what precautions should be taken to avoid damaging the surface of the marble? The secret to making a contribution by polishing marble one: avoid exceeding the preservative. The marble a porous surface like that of the skin. Wet the marble with a protective impregnation and how spreading the Moisturiser on your hands when they are chapped. You will have to use only the amount of cream on the skin to absorb.If you put too much you’ll end up with greasy hands. With the same marble. Its pores can only accommodate the impregnating substance serving. Put too much unger the surface getting an opposite effect: from an area off you will be in an area too turned on. Then the Council to perform this type of treatment to DAB the surface with the product gradually, without exaggeration. Note the difference between the unpolished and polished surface:Perform the task in this way takes away lot of time. But what results! You see the surface before and after: the marble has gained back all its shine and looks like it was just sanded and polished.Lucidare marmo opaco

Data sheet of the intervention

Type of intervention

Treatment and polishing of marble external façade matte

Product used

Protective OIL WET wet solvent effect: toner for natural stones like marble. WET OIL protects the surface of the stone without creating film. Enhances the features of the stone without altering the color or texture of the stone. DILUOIL: thinner for impregnating oils.

Carrying out the treatment

Firm that carried out the work

Paolo di Marcantonio Address via Ginanni 28 -51037 Montale (PT) Phone: 0573 55 83 74 E-mail: Social profile: Google +

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