19 July 2019

Professional cleaning: a wonderful opportunity for artisans!

Are you an artisan and do you want to promote you activity? Marbec, as leader in the production of professional cleaning products, offers you a great opportunity, let’s discover it immediately!

Today we want to talk about one of the fundamental principles on which our company philosophy is based: collaboration.
We want to tell you what we mean by collaboration; how many beautiful works we have been able to accomplish. We have been able to grasp a lot of experience and knowledge. We still have the desire to carry out out through it lots of projects.

We’re talking about ambitious projects that have taken us around our beautiful country and often to overcome its boundaries, making us participate and share the pleasure of recovering and restoring unique architectural beauties.
Floors and surfaces of prestigious cathedrals, ancient churches, historic villas, luxury studios and much more; interventions that have made us proud and above all that have allowed us to experience exciting sensations.

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All this was possible thanks to our partners: artisan, construction, designer realities who recognized in our products fundamental allies to achieve extraordinary goals.

To date, in fact, we have significant professional collaborations that have undoubtedly marked and enriched our company history.

pulizia-professionale professional cleaning

Wonderful collaborations and professional cleaning interventions

Over the last few years till today, we have had and are fortunate to be able to work with talented artisans. They’re people who love and do their work with passion and professionalism.
A synergistic relationship, a fundamental exchange that continues over time, an extra gear that allows us to reach common goals and enriches both parties.

For us, all the professionals who choose and use our products for professional cleaning are not just customers, but they represent real resources with which it is essential to collaborate and confront each other every day to grow together, to take a path that unites us and that allows us to achieve significant and increasingly ambitious goals.

We believe that constantly listening to professionals in the sector, who come into contact with surfaces and materials to be cleaned and treated every day, is fundamental to improve.
Accepting the cues and suggestions of our partners helps us progress every day, to be able to better meet the needs of those who use Marbec professional cleaning products on a daily basis.

Our philosophy in fact is not limited to simple sales, but seeks full customer satisfaction, listening to every need to find the best solutions and achieve the desired results in professional cleaning and in the treatment of floors and surfaces.

And it is precisely in relation to this synergistic relationship that the ambitious project “The most beautiful work of the month” is born.
Each month, the most interesting work made by one of our partners is announced and presented within our blog.
Describing in detail the work phases and procedures, we share with our public the beauty and above all the exceptional results achieved by the talented artisans who carried out the work.
Great results that stand out for skill, professionalism and effectiveness.

In addition, a dedicated page will be soon online on our website, where artisans and companies who choose our products for professional cleaning on a daily basis andshare the same values and goals with us, will be presented.

A great opportunity that Marbec offers to its partners: the opportunity to share, present, promote a project, which makes known the values ​​and characteristics that are at the base of the work activity.

If you want to share this beautiful experience with us and become our partner, contact us now!

We will be very pleased to meet you and be able to work together!


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