2 December 2019

Our new e-commerce is online: discover and buy the best products for home cleaning

Are you looking for home cleaning products online? Visit our new e-commerce and discover the best products for home cleaning and treatment of all surfaces.

Today, it is with great pleasure and infinite satisfaction that we announce the opening of our new e-commerce service.
Our virtual store where you can buy all the Marbec professional products
for home cleaning and for the treatment of all types of floors and surfaces.
From today, directly connecting to our site and simply with a click, you will have the possibility to find,
inform you and always have at hand, the best home cleaning products online.

prodotti-pulizia-casa-online online home cleaning products

We are very excited to be able to share this new opportunity with you all.
In fact, the online sale of home cleaning products represents a great opportunity for us: to be able to immediately offer a rapid response, a convenient solution, to all your needs 24 hours a day.
With the opening of e-commerce we like to think that we will be much “closer” to each of you.
Being even more “close” in fact, gives us the opportunity to respond and seek the full satisfaction of our customers,
following them from the first consultation to providing them with assistance in using the product.
For us, listening to every user need, to find the best solutions and achieve the desired results in cleaning, is a priority.

All the benefits of buying home cleaning products online in one click

The possibility of being able to buy home cleaning products online undoubtedly brings with it many benefits for the consumer;
first of all we can talk about comfort.
Buying online is simple, immediate and, above all, convenient.
Open 24 hours a day, our e-commerce allows you to buy whatever you want at any time of the day.
Not to mention the possibility of comfortably receiving products at home.
At a click you can view and inform yourself quickly about a lot of products at the same time.
By visiting the online store you will always be up to date on promotions and product discounts.
And finally, very importantly, you can find all those products, perhaps absent in your city.

How to buy home cleaning products online?

If you are curious and you are already looking forward to entering our online store, all you have to do is follow the directions.
Buying home cleaning products online is easy, just enter our site, view the cleaning products.
Once the desired product has been identified, simply add it to the cart and complete the order.
We are there for every kind of need and information, and we look forward to assisting and sharing your experiences.

Inside the e-commerce you can find specific products to solve all the problems related to the cleaning of the house and all the surfaces of coating, such as:

POWER DET a concentrated descaling, degreasing detergent, specific to eliminate tough laying residues, halos and stains that are difficult to remove on porcelain tiles, clinker and glazed ceramic.

prodotti-pulizia-casa-online online home cleaning products

BIOTOP OPACO an opaque anti-dirt, anti-wear wood finisher. Excellent for protecting and preserving the surface and initial treatment over time.

prodotti-pulizia-casa-online online home cleaning products

TIM an anti-humidity and anti-stain treatment for cotto, stone and cement.

Marbec - TIM 1LT | protettivo anti-umidità e antimacchia per materiali lapidei assorbenti

GUARD an anti-stain protection for compact stones with low absorption.

prodotti-pulizia-casa-online online home cleaning products

PULI FUGHE a specific product for deep cleaning of cementitious or synthetic joints in floors and walls.

prodotti-pulizia-casa-online online home cleaning products

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