25 January 2021

Marbec quality reaches Taiwan!

The Italian quality of Marbec products continues to be recognized and highly appreciated also on the international scene.

Today we want to tell you and share with you a “beautiful story”;
an unexpected collaboration, born in 2019 and which continues flourishing, positive, even today.

Marbec international

An overseas collaboration, which came from faraway, Taiwan, and which always gives us a lot of satisfaction and
also some highly appreciated surprises, like the advertising videos all rigorously Made in China.
Videos that advertise the quality and effectiveness of our products, all Made in Italy.

We are very happy that our products are winning the hearts of our friends from the East.
In fact, the Chinese company, in order to find the best solutions and obtain the desired results in cleaning surfaces,
continues to rely on Marbec’s experience, appreciating an ever-increasing range of products every year.
This is a special and very important recognition for us because it is based on previous usage experiences.

Having tried and discovered “on the field”, or in this case we could better say “on the surface”,
the effectiveness of the first products ordered such as CREAM INOX, SOLVOSIL, TIXO and TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO and being enthusiastic about them,
our Chinese colleagues also let themselves be conquered by the strength and quality of PULI FORNO and PULI FUMO.

Marbec international
Strong sanitizing gel cleaner for kitchen ovens, barbecues.

The first is a strong alkaline descaling gel degreaser for the extraordinary cleaning of kitchen ovens, barbecues,
heavily encrusted pots and pans.

Marbec international
Strong sanitizing degreaser detergent for ovens, barbecues, stoves and oven dishes.

The second is a strong alkaline degreasing detergent for ordinary cleaning of kitchen ovens, barbecues, grills,
glass of fireplaces and stoves, pots and oven dishes.

Each year, receiving appreciation and confirmation from Taiwan is a very important recognition for us.
We are very pleased and happy to be able to spread our experience and our technical knowledge all over the world,
gained in the chemical sector for the treatment and cleaning of all types of surfaces.

This also confirms how much work and Italian products are always considered abroad as true excellences to be known and appreciated continuously.

Enthusiastic, excited, grateful, as from the first day of the beginning of this interesting and stimulating collaboration,
we take advantage of this moment to thank the Taiwanese company from our heart.
For us at Marbec, this experience was the first and important milestone that opened the doors of international expansion for us; seeing our products cross the oceans is a great satisfaction for us that excites us and
it pushes us to do better and better reaching as yet unexplored areas.

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