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21 September 2018

How to renew aged and ruined wood?

Recover and revive the furniture in the garden

Probably happened also to you to have in the garden a table or some chairs ruined, matted or simply greying by time; so, before throwing them you can try to recover them! With the help of Marbec, in fact, to clean the wood and bringing it back to its original beauty is very simple. Let’s find out why!

Did your favorite garden chair get ruined? The parquet of your room appears off and opaque? Would you like to restore it and eliminate those annoying white spots, but you do not know where to start? Don’t worry, with the help of Marbec products, to remove the stains of your wood, indoor or outdoor, to bring it back to its innate pleasantness, it will be a breeze!

Why does wood get stained?

Wood is a beautiful material, as we know, that envelops and warms our home, making it more welcoming and comfortable; on the other hand, this material is very delicate and requires a lot of attention. Every day the risk of getting stained is very high. The main thing, but not at all easy, to try not to ruin our wood, is to avoid contact of the surface with harmful substances that can cause irreparable damage. This, as mentioned, is not at all easy; in fact, even to the most skilled people, it often happens to find those annoying and deep stains here and there, and when the damage is done, the only thing that you can do is to find an adequate solution to deal with it. So, let’s find out what signs you can remove the stains from the wood and how you can act promptly.

Indoor wood: what are the most stubborn stains?

The most stubborn stains that appear on indoor wood surfaces are generally those created by contact with agents such as:

  • liquids (water, perfumes, soft drinks, alcohol, aggressive detergents): sometimes a drop may be sufficient to leave a circular halo on the wood;
  • heat: placing very hot pots or dishes on wooden surfaces can cause indelible stains.

Outdoor wood: what are the most stubborn stains?

To remove the stains from external wood, it is necessary to act promptly and intervene against those stains caused by aggressive atmospheric agents, which are able to penetrate deeply and attack the heart of the wood, such as:

  • humidity;
  • mold and algae;
  • water.

Even if the wood has absorbed these substances and they, in turn, have created really ugly spots, don’t despair, there are still solutions to recover it. Let’s find out together.

What is the solution to recover wood?

The appearance of old and ruined wood is not really heartening, however, to restore and remove the stains from the wood, you need very little:

  • a sponge, a blue buffer (of medium hardness)
  • Smacchio legno: an intense liquid stain remover, suitable for washing and renovating the surfaces of wooden products such as flooring, coverings, garden furnitures, window and door frames, etc.

SMACCHIO LEGNO removes aging patinas, algae and molds and renews the natural appearance of wood.

  • and a bit of passion … for the do-it-yourself!

Today for this reason we want to illustrate a very simple and fast procedure, which will help you to make your wooden surfaces shine.

  1. Shake the product before use it.
  2. Apply the product with a paint brush, sponge or spray (if the surface is very large)
  3. Leave the product to act for 20-30 minutes
  4. Apply the second coat of product
  5. Rub the surface with medium hard buffers to remove stubborn dirt
  6. Rinse with water and allow to dry
  7. Once dried, rub with a blue buffer to lower the level of the wood

The end result will be immediately visible and surprising, try it!

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