10 July 2018

Rust stains on stone: how to take them off?

Remove rust stains from surfaces

Often to cure at best our garden, on terraces or lanes surrounded by green grass, annoying rust-colored spots appear; why is this happen? How can these rust stains be removed?

Who of us has never dreamed of having a beautiful green lawn? When we devote ourselves to gardening, in fact, the first thought goes immediately to those splendid gardens, romantic and picturesque, typical of the beautiful Anglo-Saxon peninsula, which no doubt need precise and meticulous attention. To have a green and velvety surface, it is necessary to take care of it and very often, first of all, we must prepare and nourish the soil of our garden with fertilizers or greening, always better natural, such as ferrous sulphate.

Ferrous sulphate is a natural fertilizer that, thanks to its properties, improves, nourishes and regenerates the soil before sowing grass and helps in this way to make it grow lush, defending it from bacterial attacks. A fundamental component therefore that helps us to create and maintain our lawn in a constant way over time. However, if on the one hand this fertilizer helps our lawn to grow strong and lush, on the other hand it is unfortunately an insidious substance for our external components that are close to the green, such as: stone alleys, stone walls, stone sidewalks. In fact, this substance, due to its ferrous composition, coming into contact with the hard stone,  can create horrible rusty spots on it.

Rust stains are yellowish stains that in addition to ruining the beauty of the material, are really difficult to eliminate. Any attempt to clean them, if not done with appropriate products, will represent a futile effort. By using unsuitable products and accessories, you also risk compromising the natural integrity of the stone, worsening the situation and creating permanent damage. Fortunately, a specific solution helps us: TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO, a ready-to-use product, easy to use, which without the need of great efforts, is able to quickly remove rust stains. But let’s see exactly how to use this specific rust stain remover. TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO not containing acidic substances, it can also be used on delicate substances such as polished calcareous materials (marble, travertine, grits, etc.).


  1. Use TOGLIRUGGINE is very simple, just apply the product on the stained part of the surface with a cloth, a brush or a sponge.
  2. Getting in touch with the rust, the product within a few minutes, will start an active reaction and will turn purple. It is necessary to leave the product to act until the reaction for the rust extraction has not happened successfully (do not exceed 10-15 minutes).
  3. Once the reaction has occurred, rinse with plenty of water.

After making these very quick and simple steps, the rust stains will be completely gone and the surface will appear perfectly clean, without being corroded or damaged.

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