5 May 2017

How to clean stainless steel and aluminum

Sgrassare e lucidare le superfici in acciaio inox e alluminio opacizzate e rovinate dall'uso

The kitchen one of pi used in the House and a space shared by the whole family; It deserves special attention in the care and cleaning of the surfaces.

In this article we look at what products are best and how to ensure the processing and cleaning of kitchen surfaces, whether it’s a domestic or industrial purposes, such as restaurants.


What are the products of choice for cleaning kitchen surfaces?

The professional product created specially for cleaning and polishing stainless steel and aluminium INOX CREAM. The innovative solution that CREAM STAINLESS with a few gestures leave the shiny surfaces and clean, despite the massive use. Cleans and degreases without leaving streaks and without exhaling noxious fumes.

The stainless steel an alloy of iron containing a percentage of chromium. Although very resistant, sometimes can be formed on the surface scratches that damage the material from an aesthetic point of view and can become points of rusting.

Using slightly acidic products pu steel utensils, refrigerators and dulling over time hobs.

CREAM INOXthe ideal solution to remove rust spots and Polish steel surfaces sanded.


This cleaning product has a very simple application. Shake well the package before you start and pour a small amount of the product on a damp sponge. Another underneath the surface to be polished till it forms a dark patina. At this point risciascqua with water.

In these videos you can see two different applications of CREAM INOX:

At this point your steel surfaces will shine!

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