20 December 2018

Hearts shine at Christmas

Also this year we proudly support the Florence Radiotherapy Oncology Foundation

Christmas is almost here and even this year we decided to contribute in our small way to an important cause like that of the Florence Radiotherapy Oncology Foundation.

Since 1988 September 2, the Florence Radiotherapy Oncology Foundation has been carrying out the difficult struggle against one of the greatest dark shadows of our time: cancer. Thanks to the research and development of new technologies, giant steps are made every year both from a medical and scientific point of view and from the point of view of improving the quality of life of patients, who are preparing to face this difficult path. In addition to the importance of the development of research and technological advancement it is essential to provide patients and their loved ones with psychological support that can put them at ease even in this difficult situation. Even the smallest contribution can mean a lot, because with the union of each action the result obtained can be great, for this we are very happy and proud to have been able to contribute even minimally to the realization of interventions such as: the strengthening of outpatient and day hospital activities, the acquisition of air conditioners, armchairs, articulated beds, etc., the improvement of information for patients and for the public in general towards the field of radiotherapy and chemotherapy (the best knowledge contributes to understand their illness and to be less afraid of it), the improvement of the connection with the patient’s home needs during and after therapy and finally, as far as possible, the improvement of the instrumental equipment of Radiotherapy.   We are deeply convinced that joining forces, great steps forward are possible and we take the opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and happy holidays!

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