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8 November 2019

Useful tips for a perfect cleaning of porcelain tiles

Did you know that porcelain tiles flooring is one of the most difficult to clean? Find out why and how to clean it perfectly!

Have you just finished cleaning your beautiful porcelain tiles floor but the result does not satisfy you completely?
Can’t you eliminate those annoying spots you see backlight?
Don’t panic, we will help you to perform a deep cleaning of porcelain tiles.

Today, in fact, we want to tell you about an intervention carried out by talented artisans
of the company MG of Empoli that have been called to intervene on a very compromised porcelain tiles floor.
Considering the presence of stubborn stains, the company took advantage of Marbec’s help and thanks to specific products
for porcelain tiles cleaning, the flooring has returned as new!

Before discovering how to clean porcelain tiles effectively,
let’s try to understand why and what substances can ruin our floor and make its daily cleaning complicated.

Why do stains appear on opaque porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles is one of the most popular floors for modern homes.
In fact, people are buying more porcelain tiles, thanks to its extreme versatility and resistance, than parquet and natural stones.
This material is also much loved by architects and designers who appreciate its ease of application and aesthetic elegance.
However, despite the numerous advantages, unglazed porcelain tiles, being a microporous material,
it is one of the most difficult floor to remove stains and keep clean.
Dirt lurks in these small pores and this is why we often find difficult to clean porcelain tiles
and to make the stains disappear altogether.

Which substances create stains on opaque porcelain tiles?

Despite its resistance, porcelain tiles floor frequently has problems with indelible stains and marks.
To avoid these problems, even before you understand how to clean porcelain tiles,
it is essential to know the harmful substances that coming into contact with the surface are likely to ruin it forever.

The cause of the appearance of the stains on opaque porcelain tiles may depend on:

  • Floor laying residues that have never been adequately eliminated and that form an invisible patina on the floor, but which retains the dirt.
  • Use of detergents not suitable for cleaning porcelain tiles.
    Many times, in fact, it is the products used to wash the floor that create the halos. Detergents rich in surfactants, chemical compounds that dissolve dirt and tend to grease the surface. Porcelain tiles floors do not need this type of aggression, but something more suitable and delicate.
  • Polishing products, the same “insidious” patina that catches dirt, can be created on porcelain tiles by polishing products that contain waxy substances.

And it is precisely because of the use of unsuitable detergents for cleaning porcelain tiles that the talented artisans of MG in Empoli intervened to eliminate the horrible black spots on a beautiful porcelain tiles floor, but let’s discover all the interesting phases!

How to clean porcelain tiles?

State of the pavement before the intervention

The surface before the intervention appeared particularly dirty, very evident black stains covered the entire pavement. This condition is more likely for a floor laid for years, in which the problem of stains can occur progressively.

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

As can be seen from the photos, the floor was particularly black and full of surfactants (eg brighteners, products for the dishwasher), which tend to grease the surface.

Because of these substances, in fact, porcelain tiles floor was completely pervaded by a patina capable of retaining dirt.

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

To thoroughly clean the entire surface, the expert craftsmen, who are specialized above all in cleaning porcelain tiles floor, have had to combine the power of POWER DET to the ones of floor scrubber with brown disc and wet vacuum cleaners.

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

POWER DET, ideal for cleaning porcelain tiles, is a degreasing concentrated detergent specific to remove tough laying residues, halos and stains that are difficult to remove on porcelain tiles, clinker and glazed ceramic.
The combination of the solvent and acid functions allows it to attack organic dirt (fats, oils, polymers) and inorganic ones (limestone, oxides) at the same time. This detergent is particularly suitable for cleaning hard ceramic surfaces from slurry residues and polymeric binder mortars, even colored.

The use of the floor scrubber was fundamental, considering the degree of fouling of the dirt.

The floor scrubber has been used with DISCO MARRONE, a disc composed of a polyester structure with a high density of resin and mineral, ideal for manual wax remover and descaling washes.

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

pulizia-gres-porcellanato porcelain tiles cleaning

Thanks to this intense intervention, the porcelain tiles floor has returned to be beautiful, like new!

Company executing the works:
Empoli (Firenze)
Tel: +393931016074

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