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30 December 2020

PULIGRAFF LIQUIDO: how to easily remove paint stains on the wall

Discover the new Marbec product to easily remove paint on walls but also synthetic lacquers and enamels on all types of coatings.

How many times have we walked around the city and noticed walls and surfaces smeared with inappropriate writings or drawings?
Our answer: several. If we think about it, in fact, it is now almost impossible that this does not happen.
Unfortunately, this problem does not only concern metropolises or urban centers, but also small centers and peripheral cities.
Our cities, both large and small, are increasingly affected by this continuous squalor.

 how to remove paint stains on the wall

Not enduring the sight of ruined, dirty and smeared cities, the Marbec professionals,
wondering how to remove paint stains from the wall, created a new and revolutionary product: PULIGRAFF LIQUIDO, a stain remover capable of easily removing paint on walls, but also ink on walls and any type of coating.
Proud to have studied and developed this product, we are certain and sure that it will be very useful for artisans and professionals called to intervene to clean up our beautiful and beloved peninsula.

How to remove paint stains on the wall: stages

Before discovering how to remove the paint from the wall, an important premise must be made:
even if sometimes the borderline can seem very thin, when we talk about “squalor and dirt”
we are referring to vandal activities and certainly not to street art, an important and fundamental form of modern art
that characterizes our time.
We like to emphasize that drawing, coloring, expressing one’s art is wonderful while ruining and smearing is completely the opposite and has nothing to do with art.

That said, let’s find out how to remove paint stains from the wall quickly and without too much effort.

Our friends from the OVERCLEAN company, who used PULIGRAFF LIQUIDO to clean up the walls of the historic station of Pisa, are going to illustrate the application phases of this new product.

how to remove paint stains on the wall
Stain remover for removing graffiti from facades and coatings.

The talented craftsmen needed to remove some spray paint;
if once this procedure would have been very complicated, today with the help of our stain remover everything has been very simple.

how to remove paint stains on the wall

As a first step, PULIGRAFF LIQUIDO, a specific stain remover for removing graffiti,
lacquers, synthetic enamels and paints in general on all stone materials, was applied.
Let us remember that this revolutionary product can also be used on wood, glass, metals and plastic.

how to remove paint stains on the wall

Furthermore, PULIGRAFF LIQUIDO, being neither alkaline nor acid,
can be used safely even in the presence of metal surfaces and delicate stones.

how to remove paint stains on the wall

The talented professionals of the OVERCLEAN company, once the product was spread,
passed a vertical surface sander fitted with a backing pad.
Eventually everything was rinsed with water and a pressure washer.

how to remove paint stains on the wall

The before and after of the treatment is easily visible and the result is simply fantastic!

how to remove paint stains on the wall

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