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6 August 2021

How to clean the encrusted barbecue grill

Cleaning the barbecue grill: Marbec has come up with a complete kit to remove encrustations

Now that summer has come to life, the desire for sociability that we have had to leave aside in recent months to combat the pandemic has also exploded.

Being outdoors also makes us feel safer, so why not brush up on the barbecue for a nice evening in the company of friends and family?

However, a long period of inactivity may have left the barbecue full of encrustations and therefore in need of a polish before returning to the track. This is why Marbec has thought of a complete OVEN AND BARBECUE KIT, ideal for removing encrustations.

Before we see how to clean the encrusted barbecue grill, let’s take a dip in history.

 How to clean the barbecue

Do you know when and how the barbecue was discovered?

The history of the barbecue has its roots in none other than the discovery of America, when Christopher Columbus himself discovered that the local tribes cooked meat over an indirect flame, with the help of green wood. If the etymology of the term is uncertain (perhaps Spanish, perhaps French), it is certain that after the discovery of this innovative cooking technique, the first colonizers of the United States of America made it their own, taking it with them in their migration towards the present Mississippi. Gradually, the barbecue spread throughout the American nation, so much so that today the territories ranging from Carolina to Texas are identified as the “Barbecue belt” (literally “the barbecue belt”).

Today the barbecue technique for cooking meat is widespread all over the world and summer is the perfect time to enjoy a nice grilled meat.

But how to clean the barbecue encrusted by months of non-use?

How to clean the encrusted barbecue grill

If your barbecue grill is encrusted, don’t worry! Marbec has in fact put together a kit of products perfect for the occasion, able to make the grill shine again so that it can be used during the summer evenings.

The OVEN AND BARBECUE KIT is complete and is used for the descaling and degreasing cleaning of barbecues but also, as we will see later, of the ovens.

Oven and barbecue cleaning products


The kit consists of three products:

It is a cleansing gel that was created specifically for the extraordinary cleaning of barbecues, ovens and oven dishes. The advice is to spread the product (pure) on the surface with paper or a plastic fiber brush.

It must therefore be left to act for a minimum of 20-30 minutes, up to 12 hours (in case of particularly persistent encrustations).

Finally, the spread product must be removed with absorbent paper and then rinsed with water.

Also in this case it is a detergent that is used however for ordinary cleaning. In this case, the instructions for use are to spray the product on the surface and wait a few minutes.

At this point the surface is rubbed with a rough sponge or a nylon brush and finally rinsed with hot water.

If the barbecue is particularly encrusted, the instruction is to increase the contact time of PULI FUMO with the surface.

It is an abrasive nylon accessory that combines with PULI FORNO and PULI FUMO in case of particularly stubborn encrustations and is used before removing these last two products from the surface.

Easy to use, it has among its characteristics those of being particularly resistant, not scratching and not rusting.

What if these products are not finished with the summer? Once again there is nothing to fear.

This kit, as the name suggests, is also perfect for cleaning the oven at home and, therefore, for all seasons of the year!

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