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23 June 2020

How to clean the bathroom joints quickly?

Find out how to clean bathroom joints quickly and without much effort!

Have you just finished cleaning the bathroom respecting all the basic rules but the result is not 100% satisfactory?
The bathroom is clean but something doesn’t convince you?
Perhaps you should think on how to clean the bathroom joints.
Yes, that’s right, even in a perfectly sanitized bathroom, if not properly cleaned, the joints
can ruin the final result.

Floor joints VS Bathroom joints

Just like floor joints, to stay clean, bathroom tile joints
need precise and particular attention.
If the joints of the floors become dirty more easily due to the trampling of our shoes,
the problem of bathroom halos is obviously different.
The main problem with bathroom leaks is humidity.
Since the bathroom is one of the most humid places in the house, the joints of tiles and coverings are subject to damage and
get dirty very quickly.
Composed of porous material, in fact, in the presence of water, the joints tend to crumble.
Once crumbled, the internal micro cracks become a fertile field for dust, dirt and especially mold.
Precisely because of the proliferation of mold, the joints tend to darken more and more every day.

Gradually the walls, despite our constancy and our dedication to hygiene, begin to look bad and
to be unhealthy.
In fact, like all mold accumulations, even that of leaks can facilitate the appearance of allergies.
For this reason, after finding out how to clean the joints of the floors, it is essential, at least once a week,
take care of cleaning the bathroom joints.

How to clean the bathroom joints: useful tips

Frankly, cleaning the bathroom joints is a real nuisance.
To remove dirt, debris and soap residue from the cracks, it takes time and elbow grease.
Keeping them white and clean is not at all simple.

To prevent them from turning black, becoming an accumulation of bacteria, the bathroom joints must be cleaned regularly.
That’s why today we decided to present useful tips that will help us, simply and quickly,
to whiten and sanitize them perfectly: here’s how to do it.

  • Always open windows: before treatment, remember that it is always better to prevent.
    So, to face and limit the proliferation of microorganisms, we open the bathroom windows as much as possible,
    especially after taking a shower or bath.
    Air circulation is an important step in reducing the generation of mold in the bathroom.
  • Bicarbonate: we try to spread along the joints a thick paste made up of 100 g of bicarbonate with 200 ml of water.
    Once left to act for 30 minutes, rub the joints well and rinse with water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide is an excellent solution to eliminate molds created between the tiles and the consequent dark spots.
    With the help of a sprayer, wet all the joints, let it act 30 minutes and proceed with the rinse.
    One thing is certain, to clean the joints in the bathroom you need a lot of patience.
    Fortunately, to relieve the effort, Marbec comes to our rescue with two specific, truly exceptional products:
    When the joints of the floor have not been cleaned for a long time and are very blackened, in fact, it is good to use something specific,
    so as to eliminate bacteria and mold deeply.
    PULI FUGHE: a specific spray for cleaning bathroom joints that easily and thoroughly removes the dirt in floors and walls joints.

    Detergent for the deep cleaning of cementitious or synthetic joints of floors and walls.

    It does not contain acids or bleach and therefore does not damage ceramic tiles.
    For an optimal result, and to have perfectly white joints, just spray the product directly on the joint,
    leave it act for a few minutes and rub them with a toothbrush.
    If in the joints we notice substantial deposits of mold and algae, we can act deeply and eliminate them
    with a specific spray for mold: PULI MUFFE, a practical and easy to use product.

    Sanitizing detergent for mold removal.

    Also in this case the procedure is very simple and fast: apply the spray on the tiles, let it act 10-20 minutes and rub the surface with a sponge or a soft cloth.

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