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26 May 2020

How to clean parquet without risking ruining it?

From grandma's advice to specific treatments, find out how to clean your parquet, quickly and without much effort.

If there is a material that makes our homes unique thanks to its innate and eternal elegance,
that’s undoubtedly the parquet.
The parquet floors make the rooms of the house shine, making them warm and welcoming,
however, like all floors, they should be well cleaned.
It is precisely for this reason that we must not settle on their uniqueness and investigate carefully
the perfect technique to find out how to best clean parquet.
So, we have to do it since parquet is a fairly delicate material that needs kindness
to be kept beautiful and clean over time.

How to clean parquet according to grandma

Grandma always gives us useful advice. Therefore,
if we want to clean our parquet in a genuine and ecological way, we can for example,
use a compound that combines the degreasing action of lemon with the polishing and nourishing action of oil.
Then mix 1 dl of oil and 20 drops of lemon juice inside a bottle.
With a soft cloth, wash the surface with our homemade detergent and leave to dry.

Another natural solution, recommended by grandma, is the one made up of water and alcohol.

Once the surface dust has been removed with a “dust catching” cloth, we wet (with a well wrung sponge)
the whole floor with the mixture.
To speed up and optimize cleaning, the only precaution to follow is to clean the parquet
following the direction of the veins on the wood.


How to clean parquet every day

Given the delicacy of the parquet, when we talk about cleaning, we have to think to an ordinary cleaning.
To preserve its beauty, remove the risk of scratches and stains, first of all,
we must try to vacuum the deposited dust every day with a vacuum cleaner, a special brush, or with a cloth.
Once a week, however, combined with the elimination of dust, we must also wash the entire floor with a specific detergent for ordinary wood cleaning.
To have a sanitized and shiny parquet it is essential to use only specific products and
absolutely avoid aggressive and frothy products or, for example, ammonia and bleach.

To fully enjoy our parquet we must also always hinder the appearance of scratches and stains!

How to clean parquet impregnated with opaque oil?

Depending on the type of parquet for a more thorough cleaning and perfect maintenance,
it is always better to carry out specific treatments.
The parquet impregnated with opaque oil is very different from a glossy or painted parquet, it is usually chosen by those who love a wooden floor with a natural effect but at the same time with a great aesthetic impact, and also for its resistance to wear and tear scratches.
The maintenance of the parquet impregnated with opaque oil is not so different compared to other parquet.
First, we have to proceed with a daily cleaning,
removing dust and washing the surface with suitable, non-aggressive products.
Beyond the daily cleaning, however, to give and maintain the splendor of this material it is important to carry out nutritive and protective treatments on the parquet impregnated with opaque oil, such as a protective and nourishing wax for wooden floors: BIOCARE OPACO.
A protection and maintenance wax for all wood surfaces impregnated with oil with a natural matt effect.

Matt wax for ordinary maintenance.


How to clean waxed parquet?

Unlike matt parquet, glossiness is the first characteristic that characterizes waxed parquet.
This “glossy layer” is both an aesthetic feature and an element that protects the surface from stains and scratches.
To last over time, this finish also requires a lot of attention and timely maintenance.
But let’s not despair, both maintenance and cleaning are not complicated operations at all.
So, following small indications we can find out how to clean waxed parquet.
After vacuuming the dust, for safe washing to eliminate stains and residues from the parquet
we recommend PULIBRILL,
a delicate but intense detergent that cleans and sanitizes the wooden surface,
without attacking the wooden essence and
the finishing of the material.

If in case the parquet has worn parts or obvious scratches and needs a deep and nourishing treatment,
we recommend LIGNOLUX: oily finisher that penetrating deeply, nourishes and cleans wooden fibers.

Finisher and maintainer for waxed or oiled wooden floors.

How to clean heavily damaged parquet?

Over time or due to unpleasant inconveniences,
in addition to scratches and stains, it may happen that our parquet is covered with an ugly patina called “opacity“.
This annoying darkness contributes to make our parquet lose its original beauty and natural brilliance.
As said above this can happen, but let’s not despair because there are solutions to intervene and clean the parquet
even from these ugly gray halos.

Fortunately, for this age-old problem, we can use an intensive detergent for the removal of the aging patina from the woods: SMACCHIO LEGNO.

Stain remover for aged and stained tannin wood.

Now that we’ve understood how to clean the parquet, cleaning will also be easier and faster so that we have more time to enjoy our wonderful floor in complete relaxation.

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