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8 October 2020

Cotto wax remover: how to recover an old stained floor?

Cotto floors require a careful maintenance. Today we are going to discover how to eliminate the old deteriorated treatments and renew the original beauty of this material.

Is your beloved cotto floor ruined? Don’t worry, as the wise men say, there is a solution to everything!

So let’s not panic, let’s not lose confidence and let’s remember that
even the very stained and deteriorated cotto always has a hope of being recovered.
There are several treatments for cotto floors that allow you to completely recover the surface.

Of course, in order to do all this and achieve an excellent result, we mustn’t make any false step andrely on the advice of the right experts.
Before discovering how to solve this long-standing problem,
let’s try to understand why with the passage of time this material tends to ruin and deteriorate until it needs a cotto wax remover.
Many times we have talked about how to clean cotto floors, but today let’s try to understand together when it is appropriate to intervene on our cotto with this specific treatment.

When is it better to carry out a de-waxing cotto treatment?

Being a natural material, cotto tends to stain and this is well known.
Stains and “dirt” occur frequently on cotto floors and can be caused by different factors.
Cotto can get stained by coming into contact with oil, organic liquids, acids, etc.,
but at the same time, also the deteriorated treatments– previously carried out on the surface in order to protect it-
can cause spots and halos.
The deterioration of the treatments, in fact, causes a real blackening of the surface,
the cotto loses its color and becomes covered with a black patina.

cotto wax remover

cotto wax remover

It is precisely in this case that the surface needs a specific treatment to remove wax from the cotto.

cotto wax remover

How to carry out a de-waxing cotto treatment?

Let’s not waste time and see immediately what we need and how to carry out a perfectly de-waxing cotto treatment.

Cotto wax remover

First of all, the surface must be descaled, so it is advisable to wash it with VIACEM: a strong buffered acid detergent for cotto and terracotta, brick, klinker and all materials resistant to strong acids.

cotto-wax remover
Strong acid descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta.

Mix it with water and spread the mixture over the entire surface, let it act for a few minutes,
then rub the floor with nylon buffers and brushes, until all the dirt is removed.
Finally, wash the floor with plenty of clean water.

After the first wash, you can use SGRISER, a product which eliminates the residues of an old treatment on the cotto.

Working and rubbing a few meters at a time, pass the wax remover all over the floor.

Cotto- wax remover
Strong de-waxing detergent for stone materials.

Ideal for carrying out a strong descaling and degreasing cleaning,
this specific product can be used pure or diluted according to the consistency of the dark patina.

For a perfect action, spread the product on the surface and let it act for at least 10-20 minutes.
Rub the surface with BROWN BUFFER, which thanks to the polyester composition with a high density of resin and mineral,
is ideal for a perfectly de-waxing cotto treatment.

In order to remove consistent oily residues, it may be useful to let SGRISER dry on the surface.

Once the old treatments have been removed, the cotto surface is ready to be treated again and renewed with MARBEC products.

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