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19 July 2018

The cleaning of a wonderful grit in the Church of Saint Francis in Pienza: the most beautiful work of June

The work in a jewel of architecture in the heart of Tuscany

The most beautiful work of June takes us to the heart of our beloved Tuscany, to be precise in Pienza, to let us know and admire one of the few and enchanting Franciscan churches left in Italy: the Church of Saint Francis. And it is precisely for this reason that, with great pride today, we are pleased to present this demanding work of restoration and cleaning on grit, carried out on the flooring of the chapel of this magnificent church.

Saint Francis’ Church

The wonderful Church of Saint Francis is located in the small village of Corsignano, a charming and romantic village that is characterized by its high artistic and cultural value. The Franciscan church is the last remaining monument of the ancient village, whose essentiality distinguishes it and makes it unique and valuable in all its aspects. This basilica in fact develops into a simple Roman form, with a single entrance; its main features are the interior walls, which are entirely frescoed portraying scenes from the life of Francis; and it is precisely here, after those of the Upper Basilica of Assisi and of Chiusi della Verna, that we can find one of the most complete cycles of life of the Saint. Inside this building, which contains so much history and sacredness, we breath an emotional timeless feeling; to work in this place, made us live a particular emotion and a strong emotional involvement.

Intervention for the cleaning of the grit

But let’s find out in detail the phases of the demanding cleaning of the grit. The grit of the chapel, made up of waste from marble and stone assembled with cement, despite its beauty, looked very dirty. An extraordinary cleaning has been done to eliminate this deep dirt; the first phase was applied over the entire surface, a solution composed of UNIPUL diluted in water at 30%. UNIPUL is a concentrated detergent, with a very strong action, ideal for cleaning all hard surfaces such as: cotto, stone, cement, wood, ceramic materials, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces. Based on its concentration in water UNIPUL:

  • removes old blackened and deteriorated superficial layers of wax on already treated surfaces;
  • ensures an intensive degreasing cleaning on all hard surfaces;
  • It is suitable for an ordinary cleaning of all hard surfaces, not deteriorating the basic treatment of the material.

The grit surface has been uniformly wetted with the product and at a later stage, to combine the chemical action with the mechanical one and to remove the dirt from the microporosities, a floor scrubber, equipped with RED DISC, was passed. After the cleaning of the grit, to enhance and accentuate the color has been passed a coat of POLIFIN, a shiny anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for stone materials, a perfect product to create a wonderful shiny effect. The grit, after the treatment, shine anew with infinite beauty!

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