8 October 2018

Eco-friendly products: Marbec’s commitment to the environment

We invest in research to ensure products that are increasingly eco-friendly

The environment is the most important resource we have and taking care of it is everyone’s duty. For this reason, Marbec increasingly uses resources in the search for advanced technologies and in the production of eco-compatible products.

 Our planet is the most important resource we have received and that we will leave as a legacy to our children and our grandchildren, to bring them respect by making sustainable choices is fundamental to our and their health. Every day, every little or big behavior, from when we wake up to when we go to sleep, can influence the healthiness of our environment and consequently of our own life. From how much water we consume to wash our face, from what products we buy for our person, for our home, the way we use them and dispose of them, all behaviors that affect and have positive or negative consequences on the future and conservation of the environment. Particularly important, therefore, it becomes, in every area, to make conscious and ecological choices, just like that of Marbec who for years has been sensitive to the environmental issue and uses continuous resources in the production and research of new technologies to create increasingly effective eco-compatible products, able to respect and not damage the environment. In fact, the detergents we use for our home can be a serious threat to the environment, but have you ever wondered why? Let’s try to find out together.

Chemicals vs eco-compatible products

The detergents we use to clean the house are a big problem for the planet from two points of view: during production and use. The products that are not eco-compatible, in fact, mainly contain chemicals, above all:

  • surfactants: they are chemical substances that are added inside a formulation, they allow the removal of the dirt from the surfaces, they serve to wet, foam and cleanse. They are very aggressive substances, deriving from the refining of the oil and which have a huge negative impact on the environment, both in the extraction and in the processing phase.
  • many other more or less harmful additives, such as: bleaches, sanitizers and disinfectants etc.

On the one hand, in fact, during the working process, the waste generated by these substances can reach the soil ending up in the underlying aquifers, contaminating them. During the use phase, in the same way, not being biodegradable and arriving in the domestic sewage, these pollutants can reach the groundwater threatening the healthiness of the waters of our seas, rivers and lakes. So the right thing to do is always to evaluate and choose eco-friendly companies, attentive and sensitive to these problems, which produce products that are eco-compatible with procedures, stages of processing and production that respect the entire ecosystem.

Why is it essential to choose eco-friendly products?

The eco-friendly products are formulated products to ensure efficacy and safety for man and the environment. These products have an ethical and sustainable cycle of production and distribution. The raw materials used are natural, of plant origin and completely biodegradable. Marbec produces eco-friendly products for the home, which guarantee:

  • Respect for the environment: in particular during the processing phase, thanks to the innovative and advanced technologies, it tries to produce the least possible quantity of waste. Even during the production phase, the rinses of the lines are reused to make new products, without going to increase the loads of special waste.
  • Natural ingredients: the eco line products, do not contain solvents and chemical additives but ecological and biodegradable substances.

Of the bio line we can include:

  1. ECOMARBEC: eco-compatible degreasing detergent for floors, ideal for all stone materials; cleans, degreases, sanitizes surfaces in cotto, stone, cement products, porcelain stoneware and other ceramic materials. The product is biodegradable. It does not contain caustic soda, ammonia, perfumes, dyes and solvents.
  2. PULI ECO: is an ideal product for cleaning and sanitizing kitchen countertops, eliminating food residues and encrustations. It cleans and degreases without contamination.
  3. DETER CLEAN: it is a detergent whose active ingredients present in the formula allow to remove quickly and thoroughly the deposits of dirt, smog, dust, grease deposits, algae and molds. It does not contain solvents. Also ideal for cleaning glass, plastic and metal objects. Easy and quick to use DETER CLEAN is a ready-to-use product. It is sprayed on the surface and rubbed with a soft cloth, sponge or nylon brush until the dirt is removed.
  4. PULI FORNO: strong degreasing gel detergent for kitchen ovens. It is a product that quickly removes fatty substances, carbon residues and carbon black, even the most stubborn. Ideal to refurbish your oven.
  5. PULI FUMO: extra strong degreaser detergent. Ordinary and deep cleaning product, ideal for degreasing ovens, grills, barbecues, pots, stoves, fireplaces, grills, etc. Odorless, it does not foam and does not contain solvents.
  • Effectiveness and safety: all the eco-friendly products of the Marbec ecological line are characterized by formulations specially designed to ensure effectiveness of action and at the same time enhance respect and safety for the environment and for humans.


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