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22 April 2020

White aged effect wood: method and technique

Find out how to transform an old piece of furniture, thanks to the famous technique that gives wood the aged white effect, into a very modern design object!

In these days, our habits have necessarily changed. So, we have a rare opportunity:
devote ourselves to small or large revaluation and restoration activities that we had left out before because of our commitments.
One of these activities could be, for example, the transformation, thanks to the famous technique that gives the wood the aged white effect,
of an old piece of furniture in a very modern design object.
So, let’s take advantage of these particular days and let’s get to work! Let our imagination run free and spend our time
in a stimulating, useful activity that will give us an amazing result like a beautiful piece of furniture in bleached wood!
Whitening the wood seems like a difficult activity. Actually, with a few little tricks and a lot of patience,
excellent results can be obtained.
Today, following the precious advice of the talented Lorena Macchiavelli, we will restore an old sewing machine,
giving it that wonderful white wood effect.


White aged effect wood: where to start?

First of all, we have to decide what to recover. Through the restyling it is possible,
before throwing away, giving new life to objects.
How many of us have an “aged furniture” at home?
Or how many have unique, slightly dated wooden pieces that no longer adapt to the style of our homes?
Here, thanks to one of the most popular techniques of the moment, white wood effect, everything can return to be an added value inside and why not, even outside, of our homes.

Why choose the white wood effect?

Just like in clothing, when we talk about the home we have to refer to the “fashion home”.
Modern trends require light colors, capable of infusing light and a sense of space into our homes.
White has therefore returned to popularizing and giving back light to our homes.
The aged white effect wood has the great characteristic of being able to cross all ages and styles of the home,
perfectly matching with furnishings.
But let’s go in order and see what are the steps to be taken to obtain a perfect bleached wood.

How to get the bleached wood effect?

Let’s start with the restyling by following the very useful advice of the talented Lorena Macchiavelli, who used
Marbec professional products!

  • 1- First of all we must clean the wooden surface to be restored, making sure to remove all the stains and all those impurities that could re-emerge later. To do this we can use: SMACCHIO LEGNO.
    A product for extraordinary washing and renewal of wooden products that eliminates stains of all kinds and makes the sanding phase easier.

    Intensive cleaner for removing the aging patina of wood.
  • 2- Once the surface has dried to perfection, we must work with a sander and with abrasive paper for wood to remove all those films previously present such as old paints, etc.
    After finishing the sanding, it is important to vacuum up the wood dust and wash the surface with a sponge moistened with water.
  • 3- At this point, the real enhancement of the wood begins, thanks to its transformation towards the more or less aged white effect according to our preference. To do this we can help ourselves with the FONDO BIANCO a liquid product to be brushed, which guarantees a bleached surface without streaks and accentuates the grain of the wood.
    Once dry, the surface will appear chalky, let’s remove this part with a rag until you get the desired effect of the bleached wood.
    White pigmented primer based on titanium oxide and tannin inhibitors for all types of internal wood.

    The furniture, the vintage sewing machine, the grandmother’s sideboard, begin to take shape with their new white wood effect style but if I wanted to accentuate even more the appearance “graying over time”, instead of white background, we can use another very useful Marbec product: FONDO COLARIN, black pigmented for the treatment of rough wood surfaces.

  • 4- Once we have decided and finished the phase to give the color gradation to the bleached wood that we like best,
    we just have to pass the protective Marbec, that will give transparency and protection to our wood: OLIO ZERO,
    a protective impregnating emulsion, specific to obtain a totally natural effect such as raw wood.

    Impregnating oil for wood protection placed inside.

The result will be surprising.

In short, it does not matter to be a professional craftsman, but with the right advice, some tricks and the right products, we will surely manage to obtain a particular and lasting effect on every type of wood we want to renovate.
Our advice is to take advantage of these moments of home calm and extra free time.
Let’s engage ourselves in stimulating and creative activities that give us both physical and mental well-being such as, for example, bringing the furniture back to that aged white romantic style that has the flavor of the simplicity of lived objects.

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