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2 September 2019

How to quickly remove the wax from the floor?

Wax stains are among the most annoying to eliminate. Find out how to remove the wax from any type of surface with Marbec products!

Last night the barbecue on the terrace went very well with friends but did you find any unpleasant surprises when you wake up?
We already know what it is.
We are sure indeed that laughter, good food, candles of every color and fragrance have filled your terrace creating an unforgettable atmosphere but, alas this morning you noticed those insidious wax stains on the floor.
Wax stains
are the most feared and difficult to eliminate.
But don’t worry, it’s not a tragedy, no halo will ruin the beautiful memory of good times spent with friends. Today, in fact, we will show you how to remove the wax from the floor quickly. 

come-togliere-la-cera-dai-pavimenti remove the wax from the floor

Natural methods to remove wax stains from floors

Candles, it is known, hide many pitfalls, the wax can stain and create halos really difficult to eliminate.
Depending on the surfaces, the methods for cleaning the stains change
, let’s find out one by one so that we can find the one most suitable for your floor.

How to remove wax from marble?

If the floor is in marble, to eliminate the stain it is advisable to heat the wax.
We can pass on the wax some boiling water or hot air generated by a hair dryer, as soon as heated we try to remove the wax with an absorbent cloth.
If the wax stains were not removed on the first pass, we can perform the operation a second time.
One important thing: never use abrasive sponges and aggressive products on the marble that could scratch and damage our marble forever.

How to remove wax from cotto?

A remedy to remove the wax from a cotto floor, a porous material, is to try with ice.
Take an ice cube and place it on the stain, let it work for a few minutes, then scrape off the wax, and finally wash the surface with soap and water.

How to remove wax from wood?

If the wax is poured onto the wood it will be advisable to try removing it with a cloth soaked in alcohol, also this time the residues should be removed by “gently” scratching the surface.

An exceptional remedy to remove the wax from the floor

Sometimes we know, despite the commitment and effort employed, the grandmother’s methods are not enough to achieve the desired result, fortunately an exceptional product by Marbec comes to our aid to remove the wax from the floors:
SOLVOSIL a stain remover that removes stains from synthetic lubricating oils and greases, glues, waxes and paints from cotto, stone, cement and stone materials.

SOLVOSIL in a very short time, thanks to the powerful dissolution action of the spots, completely eliminates all the halos.

come-togliere-la-cera-dai-pavimenti remove the wax from the floor

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At this point your terrace will be ready again to welcome the next summer party!

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