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16 July 2020

How to remove rust from the floor?

Rust stains are a real nightmare. Discover a fantastic product to permanently remove them from your floor.

Is the neighbor’s grass greener than yours?
As him, you used lawn fertilizer but obviously something went wrong:
horrible yellowish spots have appeared above your beloved driveway.
Do not worry, today we will explain to you how to remove rust from the floor!


Cotto treated with TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO.
The appearance of rust spots on exterior floor tiles is very common.
Unfortunately, the first suspect and probable responsible for these unexpected appearances is a substance
usually contained in gardening products, which is called ferrous sulphate.

Ferrous sulphate, ideal for feeding plants and grass, it’s very bad for stone materials.
In fact, it absolutely does not protect them from rust.

This substance is a real threat to our external surfaces that are close to the green.
The sulphate, coming into contact with the stone, creates indelible stains that ruin the beauty of the material.

How to recognize rust spots on tiles?

Rust stains are a real nightmare for floors and for us!
Yellowish, brownish, resistant, they suddenly appear on the surfaces and are very difficult to eliminate.


Even after many attempts to wash with brushes, cloths of any material and structure,
they remain there, visible to our eyes.
There are two types of spots, the small ones not too thick and the older and larger ones,
which have created a certain thickness on the surface.

Whether small or large, one thing is certain, they must be eliminated, so let’s find out quickly
how to remove rust from the floor, without wasting time and, above all, effort.

How to protect floors from rust?

Undoubtedly, there is not much we can do to prevent it, the only thing that protects against rust is “attention”.
In fact, those who have found themselves dealing with this type of stain know very well that we are telling the truth.
So even if very difficult, to prevent its appearance we try to follow small precautions such as:

  • check the labels of the products we use to revive plants and garden.
    The latter could contain substances harmful to our surfaces.
  • When we treat plants and the garden, we also pay attention during the watering in the following days.
    Splashes of water could “transport” “dangerous substances.
  • During the treatment we protect the surrounding surfaces.

However, no fear, removing the stains from the stone is possible. Let’s find out how!

How to remove rust from the floor: an infallible method

Removing stone stains is not simple but feasible.
If we do not use the right product, however, we will never achieve the desired result.
Fortunately, Marbec provides us with a fantastic solution: TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO.

Stain remover for rust removal.

Ready to use, a specific cleaner that quickly removes rust stains and
metal oxides from stone materials in general.

As you can see from the video, where the surface has been contaminated with ferrous sulphate,
TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO, coming into contact with this substance, activates a reaction, eliminating rust.
So, rust elimination becomes a breeze.

Limestone treated with TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO.
Cement agglomerate treated with TOGLIRUGGINE LIQUIDO.

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