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1 December 2020

How to paint old furniture white?

Do you want to paint old furniture white? Follow the advice of Lorena who, with the help of Marbec, creates fantastic furniture with an antique bleached effect.

Do you want to paint old furniture white?
Great, you are in the right place.
Today in the company of our friend Lorena Macchiavelli, a very good restorer,
we will discover step by step, how to whiten dark wood by creating a real work of art.
Do not you believe it? Follow the video tutorial and be surprised!

Why is it worth painting old furniture white?

Retrieving an antique piece of furniture, giving it new life, is a very interesting and certainly fun activity.
The restyling, with a pinch of creativity and a lot of imagination, will give us some exciting surprises.
An old piece of furniture can become a unique piece and will give a real renewal to the whole house.


To change its appearance, you can paint old furniture white, decide for new colors,
to mark finishes and decorative elements with darker colors.
For the more experienced then, with an old piece of furniture it will also be possible to obtain new things such as shelves,
shoe racks, games for children.

Recycling and giving “new life to things” increases creativity and it has great value,
a value that should be taught from an early age even in schools, in order to give the world more responsible adults.

A great tutorial for painting old furniture white

Today we want to focus on the shabby chic style and discover every fantastic step to paint old furniture white.

In the video our dear friend Lorena Macchiavelli shows us, first of all,
how to restore any wood to the rough by removing old paints or varnishes with the paint remover.
As a first step, in fact, the surface flatting, which over time has yellowed the surface, was eliminated.
For this delicate operation, remember to always wear gloves.
Thanks to the application of the paint remover, that it is recommended to leave it on for at least 5 minutes.
the old paint is lifted and with a suitable brush it is possible to remove the paint remover together with the paint.

As a second step, the wood was sanded with an abrasive paper, insisting on the parts most difficult to reach.
If there were any imperfections in the furniture, it is possible, as explained by Lorena, to use wood pulp for the reconstruction.

Once the paint removal phase was over, the talented Lorena moved on to the real restyling phase and relied on Marbec products to perform it perfectly.

To paint old furniture white and create the whitened and antiqued effect, in order to enhance the grain,
Lorena used the impregnator HYDROIL INTERNO.

Water-based oily impregnator for interior wood.

It is nothing more than a transparent, colorless, water-based impregnator which, in addition to protecting and impregnating the wood,
it can be colored as we prefer with IDROTONER, dyes that allow us to create customized colors.

White pigment in water-soluble dispersion.

Fantastic way to customize the shade of the impregnator even during construction.
Easy to apply, the impregnator was spread with the aid of a rag passed in the direction of the wood grain
to enhance it.
To protect and waterproof the wood, once the coloring phase is finished,
the talented restorer applied BIOTOP OPACO, an invisible product, it does not alter the appearance and leaves no film.

Anti-dirt, anti-wear matt finish for wood.

Once the work is finished, the chest has an antique whitened effect as if it were worn by atmospheric agents.

Thanks to Lorena and Marbec products we have learned a very easy DIY technique that will help us renovate the house with a fantastic effect that goes perfectly with any combination and in any furnishing context.

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