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23 April 2019

How to clean marble: all the most effective remedies

Has your marble floor been stained? Don't worry, let's discover together how to clean the marble and bring it back to its splendor in simple and quick steps.

Marble, a material as beautiful as precious, is used very often to finish floors but also kitchen countertops and bathroom cabinets.
On the contrary marble, despite its resistance, to maintain its splendor over time, requires a lot of care and a lot of attention, starting from its daily cleaning.
The attention dedicated to marble is never too much. Treacherous spots are the order of the day. Just think of how an acid rain can stain doors or windows windowsills made of white marble or how the wood crackling can ruin the threshold of a beautiful botticino marble fireplace. The care given to this material is never enough.
But don’t despair, fortunately to restore the beauty of marble and eliminate stains there are very effective natural solutions. If the remedies of the grandmother were not enough, fortunately there is Marbec with its products for marble cleaning.
Let’s go with order and find out how to clean the marble adequately whether it is ordinary or extraordinary cleaning.

how to clean marble

Marble daily cleaning

Before discovering how to clean stained marble, it is advisable to know the best remedies to proceed with the daily cleaning of marble, without risking ruining it.

Hot water and natural soap

Whether it’s floors or shelves, as our grandmother suggests, to clean the marble, just prepare a bucket of hot water and add a little mild soap or Marseille soap; at this point with a soft microfibre cloth pass the entire surface carefully and then dry.

Bicarbonate solution

Another ideal remedy to clean marble in a natural way is to create a do-it-yourself detergent with baking soda.
In a bucket of water, melt 3 teaspoons of baking soda to add gradually until it forms a creamy paste.
Once the solution has been formed, apply it over the entire surface, it is important not to rub but leave for 30 minutes, then rinse the surface with warm water.


If the grandmother’s solutions do not convince us particularly, it is possible to use neutral marble cleaning products capable of cleaning it deeply, respecting its natural composition.
Whatever solution you decide to try, the fundamental prerogative to clean marble is to avoid absolutely any type of acid detergent. In fact, marble, being a porous and very delicate material, when treated with wrong substances risks corrosion and suffering fatal damage.
It is for this reason that for a deep cleaning we recommend a neutral detergent such as UNIPUL: a concentrated detergent for multifunctional use based on its concentration in water, ideal for extraordinary and ordinary cleaning of all hard and delicate surfaces.

how to clean marble

How to clean stained marble?

As previously stated, daily care and cleaning cannot surely avoid stains on marble.
Domestic accidents are not rare, on the contrary they are on the agenda.
So don’t despair, for every stain there’s a solution, the important thing is to act promptly and use the right products to clean the marble.

There are many types of stains, but the most common damages found on the marbles, above all on those polished, are the halos caused by contact with acid substances of normal daily use, such as:

  • lemon juice;
  • wine, coffee and dark substances;
  • turmeric, curry, cumin with other yellowish substances;
  • fruit, fruit juices and sugar-based substances;
  • tomato sauce;
  • water left to evaporate, especially if very calcareous;
  • wine vinegar or apple vinegar.

If your marble surface accidentally comes into contact with these acid substances, you have to swab immediatly the liquid with an absorbent cloth, clean with warm water. Then, to remove the halos use crystallizing products such as:

  • KW P – an acidic crystallizer in powder for polishing pure marble and travertine;
  • KW STAR – a powder product for wet polishing of impure marble and grit floors.
how to clean marble

Marble protective treatment

With the passage of time, both indoor and outdoor marble can run the risk of coming in contact with more difficult and resistant stains. So, after understanding how to clean marble, it is also important to think about how to proceed to protect it and preserve it over time.
To protect the marble we recommend a universal treatment, suitable for both internal and external marble, which will facilitate both daily cleaning and maintaining the marble over time.

ACTIV 3 – (in solvent based) that protects stone materials from humidity and stains;

GUARD – an impregnating protective agent based on water that forms a consistent oil-repellent, breathable chemical barrier on compact and poorly absorbent stone materials.

how to clean marble

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