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21 July 2016

How to clean polished marble stained by acid

Le sostanze acide sono i peggiori nemici delle superfici in marmo in cucina e in bagno. In questa guida fai da te ti spieghiamo come usare il cristallizzante per rilucidare il marmo corroso dagli acidi.

A nice ice cold lemonade what it takes for hot days. Refreshes, moisturises, contains vitamin C and other minerals. What better? Not many know that this drink contains one of the enemies of the marble: lemon juice. Lemon citric acid in there that if you poured on a marble surface polished the corrode quickly. Moreover, the kitchen cabinets are filled with acidic substances that we use every day: vinegar, juices, various detergents. All these substances are very aggressive with polished marble surfaces. When they leave, corrode the surface of this stone creating unsightly opaque areas. If you have prepared your lemonade on a marble top and you haven’t cleaned right away probably was stained

Relax, you’re not alone. Many have written to us asking the why of opaque spots on polished marble top of the kitchen and how clean the polished marble acid-stained. So we have created this DIY guide for re-polishing stained marble by acid substances. Before moving on to guide for, let’s figure out what the marble and why cos sensitive to acids help you avoid smudging in future if you’re impatient go to Guide on how to Polish the marble.

The marble, a stone from the troubled history

Don’t panic we’re not going a lesson in geology for we tell you how marble cos you’ll know because it is corroded by the acid substances The marble made of a substance that you definitely at home and against which lots every day. This Rock composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Do you know what? Simple: limestone! Yes, just like. The marbles are formed when large deposits of limestone -residue of existing seas millions of years ago -at the urging of geological movements that will deform is transformed to become fact, marble. The marble not only made of limestone but also for other materials such as minerals and organic compounds of various types. According to the materials entering in the composition we can have different types of marble. It’s pure white carrara marble or a common egyptian yellow which is valuable of little value each composed the same substance: limestone and as we’ll not go along well with acids.

Acids, the main enemies of limestone

At home we have many potentially harmful substances for marble. The rooms are sure to be the polished marble top pi exposed kitchen and bathroom. Below we have a list of substances that can corrode and stain the polished marble surfaces:

  • Vinegar: contains acetic acid.
  • Lemon juice: the juice contains citric acid.
  • Yoghurt: contains lactic acid.
  • Tomato juice: it has an acid ph.
  • Orange juice: like all citrus fruits contains citric acid.
  • Apple Juice: rather acid.
  • Scale: not only dissolves the limestone of the fitting.
  • Hydrogen chloride: commonly called “muriatic acid” often used as a descaler.
  • Body Cleansers: the so-called neutral pH 5.5 far beyond the threshold of acidity.

Il limone, un alimento acido che corrode il marmo.

These are just some of the substances that we have at home and that are harmful to the polished marble. Now that you know you do care when using these substances on a marble surface polished. Isn’t it yes because if you don’t remove for acidic substances could create opaque spots you will need to re-polishing marble this guide tells How to clean polished marble by acid stains. Do we start?

DIY guide: how re-polishing stained marble by acid

Re-polishing a marble corroded by acids simple. If you follow the instructions indicated you have little time to remove stains of corrosion and to return the marble like new.

What do you need

Here is the list of ingredients that by getting:

  • Sandpaper: take it with 180 grit-400-800.
  • Duct tape and plastic sheeting: you need to isolate the stained part.
  • Crystallizer for marble: Marbec studied KW STAR: a non-acidic abrasive powder designed for all kinds of marble. KW-STAR performs a chemical-mechanical action to restore shine to your marble surface.
  • A bowl ofwater used to mix the powder Crystallizer.
  • Drill: but are fine even a flex, a screwdriver or other tool.
  • Velcro backing pad: pad a rotating disk for the drill. You can find it in hardware stores in a price around 5 €. Need to Polish.
  • A damp sponge: clean the surface when you’re done

The procedure to be followed

  1. Rub the stain with sandpaper. Starts with 180 grit sandpaper and rifisci with 400 cards and 800. You will need to rub until stain is a slight matting.
  2. Use a plastic tarp to protect the rest of the surface. Cut a hole in the fabric and use the tape to secure it at the stain. That way you don’t accidentally ruin the rest of marble
  3. Get the Crystallizer for marble and pour a quantity corresponding to a fist over the stain.
  4. Add a little water to form a soft dough.
  5. Join the drill pad. Begins to Rotate on the spot at moderate speed. Do this finch the stain does not disappear. Warning: always check that the surface is damp to avoid scratching the marble!
  6. Pass a damp cloth on the surface to remove any excess product.

Now the glossy surface? back to usual? We told you it would be easy! Use a fast and effective way to clean Crystallizer polished marble stained by acid substances. If you still have any doubts, check out this video on how to clean stained marble by acid substances:

Your opinion

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