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25 October 2019

Bricolage: discover the excellent do-it-yourself wood products!

Are you thinking of recovering that old wooden bench? Marbec's wood products will help you achieve an excellent result.

This pleasant warmth, which this year seems not to want to leave us, allows us to dedicate more to
time to DIY.
Among the many ideas and projects that can be achieved with bricolage,
today we want to show you how to build a do-it-yourself wooden bench.
With the help of our excellent craftsman we will show you all the steps, the tools to work
and the wood products needed to make a real work of art.
With a bit of technique and imagination we can enrich our home with unique pieces that will give us, every time we look at it, happiness and satisfaction.


How to make a DIY wooden bench?

Do-it-yourself, as well as being a fun and exciting hobby, is a way to get involved and challenge yourself.
Learning, creating, building, recovering and giving new life to furniture create immense satisfaction.
Beyond the satisfaction in creating objects, DIY brings great benefits to our body and mind.
Through this activity, dexterity is developed, stress is calmed, creativity and genius are expressed.

Don’t you believe it? The only way is: try it!

So, as soon as you have some free time, we advise you to put on a pair of gloves and with the help of the right tools, try to restore or create a DIY wooden bench from scratch.

Building a DIY bench is not complicated but you need to follow precise instructions and steps.

So today, to help you, together with our skilled artisan of “Legno che passione“, who has collaborated with Marbec,
we will show you all the steps and secrets to achieve an excellent result.
To make the description easier and faster, we decided to show you two interesting video tutorials
with instructions for use.
In the videos you will find all the information to assemble the bench and you will find out which products for the wood to use.

In fact, not improvising and using the right products will allow you to protect and maintain your wood
in perfect condition for a long and long time.
If you think about it, wasting time and effort to see your work of art ruined after a short time, it makes no sense.

But let’s move on to the indication of our excellent craftsman who made, reusing the wood recovered from doors and windows,
a wonderful garden bench.

Wooden DIY bench: first part

Wooden DIY bench: second part

In the second part of the video, the wood expert will illustrate the finishing phase carried out with Marbec wood products,
a very delicate phase that will give the wood the desired appearance and protection.

After having cleaned and sanded the wood, a solution consisting of two fantastic products was applied to the bench.
The wood products are HYDROIL and IDROTONER NOCE.
HYDROIL is a low-film impregnator for protecting wooden floors, walls, furniture and furnishings.

prodotti-per-il-legno DIY

IDROTONER is a pigment in water dispersion of water-soluble inorganic and organic pigments to pigment the water-based products.

prodotti-per-il-legno DIY

To end the finishing phase, once dried, the surface was treated with
BIOTOP OPACO, an anti-dirt, anti-wear opaque wood finisher that protects and preserves the surface and initial treatment over time.

prodotti-per-il-legno DIY

Thanks to Marbec’s wood products the end result was fantastic.
If you follow the tutorial and our advice we are sure that even your DIY wooden bench will be fabulous.

Once the work is done, all you have to do is enjoy the splendor and infinite satisfaction!

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